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  1. Default Req items for crafting increase?

    Last night I was crafting lvl 50 eqps for my merc and I only needed 2 plates and 2 crystals per crafting. Now today I got to craft more and it says I need 4 of each. Why the sudden increase?

    Using 4 each is a waste of crystals because I only get 2-3 back when I disassemble them. Is there something that increases what I need to craft?

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    Different piece of equips require more or less ingredients, overalls for example, need more than gloves. Nothing can change the items needed so if you thought you suddenly needed more to craft something, you either remembered it wrong or looked at the wrong item.

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    make level 40 gear instead it doesnt take crystals so you can repeatedly forge it till u get some decent potential stats...



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