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  1. Default How do you create a Demon Slayer?

    Game locks up at when Demon Slayer goes back to his house at the intro part.

    Restarted the game 5 times now, same black screen keeps happening.

    How can I fix this before tomorrow where I have to be lvl13 for the horns from the hot time event?

    Should I start looking for map teleport hacks so I can start playing maple on my Demon Slayer?


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    Seems like you're essentially out of luck unless it randomly decides to fix itself for you. You could also get it on another char and hope that the Sharing Tag doesn't cost a lot of NX (or any?), if you can't get on your DS by Saturday.

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    Hmmm someone said teleport hacks won't work since you can't job advance that way...

    Hmmm I'll try to relog 10 times more now, and maybe recreate my char a couple of times...

    Geez... Nexon really tries to fail more every year... just fix your fcking 2D game retards... a fcking 2D game... VV T F...

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    tried restarting your computer? another guy had problems with DS scenes and restart fixed it.

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    Nothing is helping me either. I even remade my Demon Slayer.




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