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  1. Default can hackers do this?

    While training this morning I went to a map in ToT (just call it map "A"). As usual there was a hacker just on it and all the drops were still laying around. I figure they're gone for now so I start grinding and notice that I'm getting x2 drop on all the new spawned mobs. I didn't see any notice about an event x2 drop and I was getting normal xp. I go back 2 maps to a lower level map to test it out and I find that I'm getting regular drop/xp. I go back to map "A" and I'm still getting x2 drop. I changed channels and x2 drop is still in effect there on map "A" on other channels, but no other maps.


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    Event 2x drop should be on 'till January 31st.

    Should. It apparently never worked.

    Maybe it somehow activated in one map?

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    Hackers can do anything except feel love.

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    no as far as I know there isnt a public hack like that so I doubt given the circumstance that this was the case and ToT would be such an odd map to do it in

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    Should've taken a screenshot.

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    How can a SS show theres 2x?
    Number of items flying?

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    You can see 2x more items than usual on the ground?

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    doesn't 2x drop increase the amount of mesos dropped?

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    only cs cards do that and apparently some events also

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    *mass murder without picking up anything*

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    I think 2x drop is turned on in general (at least for Protector gauge maps). Prior to yesterday, when I did the 500 hits for the Protector gauge, I would get 50 Lucky Cakes or so in the meantime. Yesterday, I got over 100. The standard deviation on that is pretty significant to be an abnormal sample. Especially since this happened for 3 characters.

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    2x drop is on.

    No, this isn't a glitch.

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    Wait it's suddenly working? I was pretty sure that most people were assuming Nexon didn't turn it on.

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    It wasn't an assumption that it wasn't activated, the assumption was that it wouldn't be fixed.

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    I think some how its only on some maps since I was getting 2x drop and mesos in GT but pretty sure that on dual beetles it wasn't (though I was only getting etc due to my level the amount didn't seem 2x to me, but it could just be me).

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    Pretty sure GT has an increased drop rate in comparison to other areas anyway, but I'm not entirely sure. Last time I was there the Monkeys were dropping two bags of meso and etc drops each.

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    Being killing there almost every time it has been open (counting this time also, which prior to yesterday was normal), I know how is its normal drop rate.

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    I went to papulatus twice and with a mutant pig I got 5 equips the first and 4 equips the second. I say 2x drop is on. I'd usually get 0~3 with a pig.

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    I've been getting 4-6 Zhelms per run with Spider. So obviously 2x drop has to be on, because I usually never get more than 3-4 with just spider.



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