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  1. Default GPA was/is glitched?

    I keep hearing a bunch of people saying GPA has been glitched.
    I've GPAed almost every day since Mercedes came out, and about 1/3 of the days from Cannon to Mercedes. I've never dc'd on the "Nightmarish Last Days" map.

    Yet people insist that I'm lying and its glitched so you can't summon.

    Am I really one of the few that can GPA without a problem? Or are they all just being annoying and insisting on arguing with me?

    PS: I know Extra B (the one with a brick) causes you to DC when you attack it, however, they are claiming when you drop the comb, it DCs you instead of summoning BGA.

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    I've been running daily ever since Extra B started causing disconnects. No problems with the comb ever.

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    Chances are they're just too dumb to NOT attack the Extra Bs and keep crashing themselves. There is absolutely nothing wrong with GPA otherwise. I've run it every day since My mercedes hit 150ish with no issues whatsoever.

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    Your class needs to be one that has a summon. It's very hard to avoid killing the extra B if you do not have a summon.

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    A familiar works as well. A bit tougher than a summon but gets the job done.

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    I don't think extra b spawns past the barrier, and since bga/bgb/grandpa are still glitched and don't attack, all classes should just be able to kb the boss into the corner until death.

    If there happens to be one there, use a familiar.

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    Cannoneers not using anchor (and even then...) and buccs have a hard time pinning them since they attack so slowly. Often the only time i D/C on those characters is if i get KB'd past the rope and i barrel and the extra gets in the middle of me and the boss, or i just turn around mistakenly and attack.

    Still not hard in actuality, but it still sucks D/Cing right before free scrolls.

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    None of the extra mobs pass the invisible barrier so if you keep the battle to the far right its pretty much impossible to DC.. The only class i can think of that would have any form of issue is perhaps shadower, ME always KBs to the left so you would have to be careful and make sure the boss doesn't stray too far left.

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    The male miniboss can summon random mobs including Extra B, which could be dcing some people who don't allow spawns to max out. This also could be killing people who continue attacking right after Grandpa dies. For archer classes, the best way is to summon and stay right until your bird maxes out spawns then attack as close as possible to avoid your bird killing mobs behind the invisible barrier.

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    He only summons if you dont' kill him fast enough. If you can't do 85k hp in 1 second, then I don't even know why you're trying to grandpa.

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    Male boss? You probably always were able to kill him. When mushroom shrine just came out I remember him summoning almost everytime. Of course it was pretty hard to get to that point.

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    Because you ohko? :P

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    Well, I was just trying to fill in the holes as to how people could possibly DC while not hitting the left side. No need to pomegranate on my damage.



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