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Thread: Magical Pet?

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    What's the different between a magical pet and a normal one, aside from the fact that you can have multiple pets out at once?

    Also, where'd the parrot pet go?

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    I never heard of a magical pet, and the parrot pet (Toucan pet) was sold in cash shop months ago.

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    We have normal pets and evolving pets. The only evolving pets ever released are the yellow baby dragon and the little robo kitten. They can evolve if you do a quest involving CS items. To have 3 pets out at once you need to do a quest also involving a CS item, and that works with all pets. The parrot pet was part of a pet package promoting cannon shooter, and it was taken out when they added the Mercedes unicorns. (A toucan is not a parrot.)

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    Somewhat on topic, did kMS ever get any (or any new) evolving pets? I think they have the baby dragon, but I'm not entirely sure.

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    I don't think we have any evolving pets :S

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    Ah, I was sure I saw the baby dragon in the Cash Shop last time I was on xD Oh well. Thanks!

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    There's a Magical Persian Cat in the cash shop right now (in a package). It's description says that you can have multiple pets out and lists a bunch of skills in it's description. I haven't played in years, so I don't understand the relevance of the skills (and why no other pets seem to have them).

    ...and the parrot was in the Cash Shop during the Cannonner update, but seems to have disappeared since then. Was it limited time only or did Nexon just forget to move it to the regular pet section when new items came in?

    I'm mainly asking because Orange Mushroom recently mentioned that a Parrot multi-pet was added.

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    I think what TS is talking about is this:

    "skill: auto buff, meso magnet, item pouch"

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    That has to be a fail copy paste from kms

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    That just might be something they accidentally left in. kMS has pets with permanent pet skills unlike GMS with pet equipment. And our multipets are different as well, as we can only have more than one pet out if they are multipets, there's no item that lets you have any pet out as a multipet.



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