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  1. Default Ron Paul - Predictions in Due Time

    This will give you chills. Please do not post if you did not watch the video.

    Wanna talk about change? This is real change.

    Ron Paul 2012

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    I watched the video. It had a few good moments there.

    Some of them were kinda "duh" moments. For example, when RP said that a lot of people would die in the war... You could put the figure of 5000 troops dying (I don't know, I don't have the number) and people would call that a lot, or you could put down the number 50000. Any loss feels substantial, so any number would vindicate RP's claim.

    He totally nailed the part about Republicans->HawkSpending and Democrats->WelfareSpending. But then again, that's historical, especially over the past 30 years.

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    This guy is what America needs. A lot of people don't like him because of his foreign policy but it's really not that bad. Everyone's worried and "thinking" RP "wants" Iran to have Nukes, Lol. Iran is nothing but talk, look how many years we have been going through this with them. Iran WANTS us to attack them, they would never dream of attacking us because they can't. Anything they have that's useful is for defense like their mac 3 anti-shipping missile that have plasma stealth, long story short they were designed to take our air craft carriers ( can do so no problems ) and once launched the target of the mac 3 missile has 20-30 seconds to respond and plasma stealth can't be stopped right now, period. Iran got these from Russia and along with other missiles, even rumor they have the ones N. Korea has ( sorry, I forget the name ) that can take out an Air Craft from 55 miles away. Iran claimed they had it a few years ago but Russia denied it.

    If they attack Israel let them defend themselves...can a country defend themselves for once? I'd be more worried about N. Korea right now anyways. They actually have an army, Lol.

    I'd rather vote for RP over this Antorun guy nobody knew anything about up till a week ago, now you got him comparing gays to screwing animals. Anyone that votes for this guy wants to control your private life. He doesn't think you should have the right to do what you want in the private of your life, people are blinded by this but listen to this: This guy is done....and you got this:

    Guys a moron.

    Then you got Romney, this guy didn't know the iffference between Medicate and Medicare until he was actual governor of Mass. Lol.

    Next, this was put out:,b=facebook

    This may not look that bad but it's bad for him and this will not attract any low income family's to vote for him.

    If you put Romney or Santorum against Obama, no way in hell either will win. Obama will get another term. RP on the other hand attracts Dem, Rep. and Independents. He's been through it all, called it all happen before it did and they look at this guy like he's nothing...I could sit here for hours and watch Fox News and they won't even bring RP up...They will sit there and talk about everyone first, Romney, Santorum skip RP go on to Perry, Gingrich...Last night I caught a part of Hardball with Chris Mathews and he said " RP and Huntsmann have been having a twitters war, not either GOP's matter anymore" something like hat, I was tired it was like 2am, Lol. I mean he got 3rd with 21%. They were always talking about how Iowa really didn't mean as much as say SC or NH and most people that win Iowa never go on to win NH.

    /end rage

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    I actually like his isolationist ideas as well as his other ones. Too bad he's not going to even win the Republican primary, he's a bit too smart to be manipulated I'd say. Best bet is to just grab some popcorn and watch this country end over the next few years. Preferably from the safe vantage of another country.

    Also, Fox does bring up Ron Paul, but only to laugh at him.

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    Foreign policy that presumes opponents won't ever accomplish their goals is rather shortsighted.

    Just like Britain in WW2, I take it

    It's impressive someone could be so libertarian and yet be so utterly repulsive in terms of foreign policy as to alienate 70%+ of the Republican primary vote, but hey, Ron Paul really is something.

    Let me put it this way, Romney repulses a plurality of Republican voters for being utterly fluid on every issue - they feel they can't trust him. Paul repulses Republican voters for the inverse reason - you know exactly where he stands on everything and a number of those stands are horrific, there's no room for you to hope he won't do something stupid because he already promises he will. You have to agree with him on everything or you are guaranteed he will do something severe you are opposed to. There's an even more basic problem with Paul that's related to this one, and it's why if it was only a Romney or Paul vote for the nomination, I'd vote Romney:

    President Romney may do something you disagree with. President Paul is going to try to do something most disagree with, get stonewalled in Congress, and be completely incapable of compromise or actual politics. He's refreshing to his supporters for the exact reason he'd be inert in executive office. And Republicans don't want inertia on the tail end of Obama's presidency, they're going to want action. Even if it's of the wishy washy Romney variety.

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    It's rare though. I watch Fox News everyday. You could triple the amount of times they talk about Paul and they still wouldn't be even close to how much they talk about Santorum, Romney and Gingrich...even Perry.

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    That's because you can hardly rely on Fox news for fair, balanced reporting. I read Fox news when I need a laugh. I'm serious.

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    Hope he doesn't do something stupid? People only call things he's suggested because they've never even been tried before, yet we get people like Romney that just wanna do the same pomegranate we have been doing for what the last 8 years? RP would get more votes then Romney if he went against Obama. I'm not saying "hey, vote for RP because he can win and we need to get Obama out" almost every American is saying this but this is not the ONLY thing we need. This is part of the reason McCain lost, that and the fact 97% of African-Americans voted for Obama last year ( the ones that actually voted ).

    RP will pull in young adults, 38% of his NEW supporters are young adults. He will obviously pull Independents in and lots of Democrats that are no longer pro Obama. The majority of Democrats would favor in no war with Iran, don't forget USA wouldn't be the only country to want to bomb the pomegranate out of Iran if they attacked Israel.

    I just think we should give something a new try, not the same old pomegranate. Is there a president that didn't pineapple up in there term? Afraid not. If there wasn't we probably wouldn't be in situation we are right now. Promises were made to be broken and every president breaks a promise weather it was intended to be broke or not.

    Yes, this is true but CNN is just as bad. Some of these media places like Fox get away with so much. They report so much false info it's hilarious.

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    Ron Paul would be the first to tell you his ideas are not new. Isolationism and limited government are not new concepts, they've just gone out of style among modern mainstream politicians (well, the latter is back with the tea party).

    You'll also have to forgive me for being skeptical of "giving something new a try" as the best platform for a candidate running against the guy who ran and won on "hope and change". Then again, it might be the best way to split and negate the stupid vote.

    My point was that pure ideological rigidity is not preferable to complete ideological malleability. Also, it's pretty depressing that I just had to admit preferring Romney to someone.

    Understand why you like a candidate on a policy level and don't get caught up in his personal myth. Policies will survive Ron Paul. On the other hand, I'm not even sure Ron Paul will survive Ron Paul. It's good that we can have a debate about the more flagrantly stupid aspects of existing foreign policy, but you will find that a large majority of the country opposes Ron Paul's foreign policy, and that his own intransigence makes that an effective disqualification for the presidency.

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    It would be new if it was actually done. The idea its self is not new. You sound like you're only choosing Romney because you have no choice. I'm for RP not because he might be able to beat Obama but for I believe in a lot ( not everything ) he brings to the table. He's fighting to gain the votes of a little bit of every american but Romney is looking for the same old same old, that doesn't mean I don't think it won't work or it's really wrong. He brings REAL change, not this garbage Obama brought, to many promises and America bought it and so did the African-Americans.

    When was the last time a president wanted to stop spending so much damn money on Military and other useful things, hell use some of that money to crap down on these idiots scamming the IRS and getting all these food stamps. Not gonna lie my uncle is one of these people 500 a month on there food stamps card ( maybe more, last I heard he was talking about getting more ), not a damn word they filled out was true.

    If you combine every country in the world it still doesn't match up to how much we spend, America.

    Check this out in 2008, of course it has increase a lot...Guess how much were gonna spend this year? $1.030$1.415 trillion. Is 2011 I was having a hard time find ifo on this one for some reason but I don't think it was even 750 Billion. Not mention the billions and billions of dollars of equipment we just let Iraq keep because it was gonna cost to much to ship it all back to the USA. I mean were gonna spending more then we did in 2008 and were not even in Iraq anymore! And Bin Laden is freaking dead...I mean wtp much?

    This's my biggest reason I favor RP, the idea of cutting down military money appeals to me.

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    I usually don't like political advertisement...

    But this... This is actually showing real talent, not just words. I'm impressed. What a real politician should know. To think ahead.

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    That was impressive o_o

    I should be more educated on these types of things, but it's really hard to decide and confirm things for yourself without having relatively unbiased sources :<

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    i havent really paid attention to promises made 200 years ago but... im pretty sure jackson screwed up something or other, but like.. jefferson and washington?

    or are we talking strictly current events?
    obama's done a fairly good job of keeping his promises compared to bush2 or clinton

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    After watching a video with an open mind...I have to say not bad, he got some stuff down and brought up quite a few good points here and there.

    Unrelated to the video, though, I strongly feel that Paul's stances on certain issues might not be to his benefit in the long run.

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    They never looked at him seriously because they think his Foreign policy is so crazy ( the media of course ) and he was more Independent then anything. I'm glad I haven't heard the age excuse, I'm sure it's coming though. He's 76. Moves and looks better then McCain though.

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    It's kinda hard to go that far back. o.o

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    I am very interested in Ron Paul. It's nice to see a candidate that is for smaller government that doesn't oppose gay marriage.

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    I remember that back in '02. I honestly like someone whose own personal beliefs don't get in the way of what the Constitution says, which is just one of the reasons I like Ron Paul. My household reeks of political everything these days. Whether it be on the radio, news, internet, etc. there is always something new to read, watch or listen to. I really believe he is our best option right now as a country. We need to get back to the basics and get ourselves out of this mess we're in. Ron Paul definitely has my vote to start moving in the proper direction.



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