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    Hi, I've noticed that some of the Alchemy recipes in the Legend Shop say "However, you can only use 1 potion at a time but alchemists may use up to 2 at once". Does this mean that Alchemists can stack two of the same potion, or something else?

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    I don't think you can use two of the same potion at the same time, just two different potions.

    Yeah. Just two different potions. Just tried using two Advanced Int Boost Potions and it wouldn't let me.

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    It still says you can only use one at a time on the old potions, I'm pretty sure you can use two of the same potion of the new ones if you're an alchemist.

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    I am an alchemist.

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    The adv int boost recipe says you can only use 1 at a time. Whereas the superior int boost recipe says you can use 2 if you are an alchemist.

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    So can anyone confirm whether Superior potions can be stacked twice by alchemists?

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    With the 5K Max HP Potions, and on an alchemist:

    I could not use two of those at a time, but I'm pretty sure I could use like the 5K Max HP one, and like a 70 luk one, if I wanted to.

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    Darn, it would have been nice to stack 2 Hero Potions. xD I wonder why that text is there then.

    Thanks for the confirmation.

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    It says you can use two at a time as an alchemist because if you aren't an alchemist, you can't use 2 of the boost potions at a time.
    For example, char1 decides to pick mining and smithing. They use a health boost potion. When they try to use a luk boost potion or something, it will tell them they can only use one boost potion at a time.
    Then, char2 picks alchemy and herbalism. They use a health boost potion, and then can also use a luk boost potion while still using the health boost potion.

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    But wasn't it always like this? I mean I could use a 18 str and 18 dex potions at the same time being an alcchemist and that was a week or two after they released the profession system.

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    Yeah that's the main reason why I was confused. The older potions don't have that text, but I guess Nexon was just too lazy to update them.



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