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  1. Default Idol thread? Idol thread.

    I was looking through SP's Speakeasy and Entertainment, didn't see a single idol thread. >: So I decided to make one. So yeah. I started listenin' to Morning Musume like maybe a month or two ago, I lost track. Anyways, Reina Tanaka (田中 れいな) is so cute! Dat voice too, HNNNNNNNG-!

    Don't make me feel alone here, bros. I know amongst you all, one of you are idol-papayas.

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    I thought this was going to be an American Idol thread and clicked to ask why you would post about American Idol.
    I see I was wrong.

    on-topic: These are okay. I'm not really a fan of Asian Pop, though, so.

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    I'd rather suicide if I was forced to post an American Idol thread.

    PS: And I know someone's gonna ask, yes, Reina is legal. She is 22, but holy f'uck, dat bod. What I would do to .. HNNNNG-!

    Also, just leaving this here:
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    obscenity infraction incoming

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    Incoming sh`itstorm censors standby and waiting ! ! !



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