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  1. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Romney wins Iowa caucus by 8 votes

    Election season never gets real than like this. 8 vote difference between Romney and Santorum. That's a nanometer-thin margin no matter how you look at it.

    Final totals:

    1. Romney: 30,015
    2. Santorum: 30,007

    Important significances of this caucus:

    - This caucus, if anything, reflects how every freaking vote counts. No matter if you're Republican, Democratic, an independent voter, or a voter affiliated with one of the minority political parties out there, it still shows that exercising your right to vote is incredibly important. Things could drastically change if more people had participated. In conclusion, the Iowa Republican caucus shows how every vote counts. Do your right as a citizen and go out to vote in your local, city, state, and federal elections. For those that say "f*** elections, why does it matter, my vote won't have an impact on anything", the 2012 Iowa Republican caucus is proof that every vote counts.

    - No matter who you're affiliated with, this should be a proud moment for the United States. CNN was covering the Iowa caucus for the entire night, and its known that they have a worldwide audience. With that in mind, this electoral event shows how the United States does democracy the peaceful way. There has been a lot of drama and emotion going on with this event tonight, but in the end, this was resolved peacefully

    - The nanometer-thin margin reflected in the final vote counts in the Iowa caucus shows that Republicans still need to find a candidate to unite behind with. The primary/caucus season for them will be a long and drawn-out battle, no doubt about it.

    Also, the 2012 Iowa GOP caucus results set a record for being the closest presidential GOP contest in U.S. history (surpassing the margin of 230-something votes in the South Dakota GOP primary in the 1930s)

    Ground rules for this thread in order

  2. Default

    How can you keep a thread about politics neutral when the entire thing is based on debates and which candidate most closely matches your opinions.

  3. Default

    >No opinionated posts

    You might as well have not made this thread in the first place.

  4. Default

    Who are these voters I don't even

    O right Republicans.

    This post is 100% factual

  5. Default

    To be honest none of the canindates are real shiners to me. I'm getting bored of Obama because his heart maybe in the right place, but he's not a leader. He's very wishy washy, we need someone stern and essentially take congress by storm. As they say, less of two evils seem's to be romney although he wants to essentially dismantled the government which he won't be able to do in two terms lol

  6. Default

    The problem is most of Congress is Republican. Consider the fiasco of Obama lowering taxes for example. The Republicans hate taxes, yet they still denied him of extending his tax cut. It's ironic. The Republicans don't want Obama to end up doing anything that makes him look good and it's unfortunately working.

  7. Default

    No what's ironic is the country critisizes obama for hitting a wall when we as the voters put it there. "HEY OBAMA ISN'T BENEFITTING ME, SO I"LL CHANGE MY REPS TO CHANGE THE CLEARLY CORRUPT DECISIONS THEY SUPPORT".

    owaitnoprogress, fu`cking idiots.

    Assuming your comment was directed at me, I'm talking about is so called promises to remove clearly dumb bills (the two big ones in the current events thread for example) yet does the complete opposite. It's completely fickle and makes him undependable.

  8. Default

    I'm just going to bring this up here with the NDAA.
    Source of comment, if interested
    Pretty long winded but it makes some good points.

  9. Default

    Ended up watching some of this this morning. I could have sworn one of the candidates indirectly compared Obama to Mussolini, and there seemed to be more talk of "taking back america" and beating Obama rather than actually fixing the country. Even if I did for some reason agree with the Republicans and their way of thinking, none of the candidates I saw stood out as one that would be worth rallying behind. Probably too early to tell too much.

    How big is Iowa btw? Going by the percentages, 120-130k total votes doesn't sound like a lot for an Iowan Republican population of eligible voters that's almost certainly larger.

  10. Default

    Wow, conservatives refusing tax cuts? Damn. Also,
    [politics 101] Why is Congress allowed to be proportionally imbalanced? I know that House of Representatives are based on states' population, so the only reasonable explanation would be that crowded states somehow prefer Republicans.

    On topic: Bachmann seems to have backed out after the results of this caucus. Well, at least tea party ain't having much of a party.

  11. Default

    I understand why he did, what I don't understand is why he would make such a bold statment that was merely a threat. I voted in Obama, I don't necessarily regret it, but I understand the common critism and see those faults.

    I think I'm safe to say that the entire country isn't necessarily fed up with the president (the educated populous at least) but rather the congress that is overpaid to stall lol

  12. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: BuffDaSnail
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    Political cockblocking at its finest. That's how I see it. =\

    If you're talking about its population, its small.

  13. Lazy Mathematician Female
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    ITT: Baklava's dad wrote the article and has to go "make" him~ .... this article is from the past?!


    Disappointment in people as usual.

  14. Default

    The best thing to come out of this caucus is Bachmann has now quit. Good, crazy b'itch.

  15. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: BuffDaSnail
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 15x
    Job: DrK!
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    Ikr? I woke up, read that she was bailing out of the race, and it completely made my day.

    Now to wait whether Perry will join her in jumping from his own sinking ship.

  16. Default

    And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State. ... Here we come South Carolina!!!

  17. Default

    I read it as "Off to make Baklava my wife before she becomes disappointed in me".
    I was confused.

  18. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: BuffDaSnail
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 15x
    Job: DrK!
    Guild: Irresistible
    Alliance: IrreForce


    I'll still be waiting to see if he jumps ship after he gets owned down there.

  19. Default

    Did Rick Perry get plastic surgery to permanently plant a sickening smile on his douchebag face or something? And what's this speculation about Sarah bloody Palin entering late?



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