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  1. Default Innocent Scrolls

    Upon landing, is the item reverted to its pre-scrolled state or to its average+clean state?

    E.g. if you have a 78atk clean wep and u perfect it and then innocent scroll it, it will become its AVERAGE clean stat which is (let's say) 75atk. At least thats the rumor I heard; anyone can confirm?

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    I believe its the average clean state. I'm about 85% sure.

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    Average clean.
    The game keeps no record of what stats the item had before being scrolled, nor which scrolls landed on it.

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    Yep, average clean.

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    Not to steal the thread, but since the question was answered and I don't want to have to make another one on the topic:

    Are innocent scrolls pretty available in KMS? Also what patch were they released in and how can you get them?

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    In CS for limited time or unlim? Possible price? Release? I must know. :x

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    Argh! Gonna be like 15k here. >_>



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