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  1. Default The new 10 attack work gloves. (Legit way to sell NX)

    Credits to TheLeader of Scania
    SSS = Secret Spell Scroll
    They can be bought at Ludibrium: Eos Tower 66th Floor for 10m apiece. 100 fit in a slot.

    "And exactly what would happen if this becomes a currency in this game, and Nexon just decides to remove buying/selling the SSS?"
    That's why I said in my other thread to transfer exchange them back immediately.

    Your thoughts? Do you think this would work?

    Too bad we get screwed over with MTS tax. @_@

  2. Default

    Saw this on basil the other day. It is pretty smart for really big trades since you don't have to deal with reselling WS/50%s/whatever else you decide to use as currency.

  3. Default

    I would have guessed that Chief Tatamo only trades these in for a brief period of time since they took out the option to trade one for the items needed for 4th job advance. So that people did not waste 10m without a chance to get it back. Why you can still buy them at the NPC confuses me.

  4. Default

    Don't give them ideas. :|
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  5. Can of Soup Male
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    I really want to try it this way. I really have been needing funds.

    Hopefully we get to the point that people are putting them in whenever, and when i need meso i can just waltz into MTS and buy them up.

    Oh and: huge thanks for posting this.

  6. Default

    The word incompetence springs to my mind.

  7. Neutron
    IGN: Heasu
    Server: Demethos
    Level: 174
    Job: Shadower
    Guild: Kryptonite
    Alliance: Unbreakable


    This is how NX trade used to happen in JMS. There were stamps in Showa that were worth either 1m or 10m each and people would buy them and put them on the MTS just like this. Worked pretty

    Then they removed them for some reason, I don't know why.

  8. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    I think you answered your "why."

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    I really like this idea
    Just the tax on MTS...

  10. Neutron
    IGN: Heasu
    Server: Demethos
    Level: 174
    Job: Shadower
    Guild: Kryptonite
    Alliance: Unbreakable


    I don't know the reason they removed them, I just know they got removed. Doesn't answer why Nexon took them out.

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    Anyone doing this be careful. At any time Nexon could make these scrolls worthless without warning.

  12. Default

    Predicting these to be mass duped and sold back to the NPC, resulting in a flood of currency to the server causing meso to lose even more value. :|

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    wait you can buy and sell them to the SAME PRICE??? I mean selling the scrolls to the NPC

  14. Default

    Well, son of a peach. There's no reason they can't go and easily do this either.

  15. Default

    I would honestly be really surprised if they weren't doing this since the implementation...

  16. Default

    The implication was, they removed them BECAUSE they worked well.

    Also, back when MTS first came out I sold these scrolls and made quite a lot off of them, I don't see why this is a new thing 3-4 years later, lol.

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    Same reason can be said about 10atk WGs...



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