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Thread: [KMST] KMS 1.2.149 - Phantom

  1. Default KMS 1.2.149 - Phantom

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    Thanks to HighOnMushrooms for uploading

    (PvE) Skill Changes



    Mob (Changed)
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    I was really hopeful when I saw the Mercedes arrows, thinking that they were deciding to let Phantom steal things from the other Heroes.

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    Hey, buffs to the strongest string of multitarget attacks in the game? Sweet.
    What, if any, changes to the skipActionFrames and the individual delay frames were there?

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    Is there a Ludus lake quest reorganization taking place? or is that part of the Phantom storyline? (i somehow doubt it considering the NPC's involved)

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    Yep, they are reorganizing those quests too as far as I'm concerned. Max posted about it in more detail in his blog if you want to be sure.

  7. I post a lot Bi Male
    IGN: ZesseiBijin
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 204
    Job: Kanna
    Guild: NEST
    Farm: Razmosia


    Ah of course thanks, I remembered reading about sleepywood but didn't realize other areas had been revamped too.

    Ignore my foolishness :)

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    I didn't see any changes to skipAttackFrames. I would add the addAttack stuff to my diffs but I'm not sure how to write that out.

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    They've been steadily revamping all the questlines.
    Victoria Island towns, the Rememberer quests, Ludibrium, Orbis.
    I won't be surprised if we see a lot more quest changes in the next large patch as well.

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    Hm. Went from skipping 210ms to 120ms? The overall change in speed is only 30ms faster. Hopefully this doesn't affect invincibility frames.
    What of Twilight? It's only skipped the last frame, 11, and that was only 90ms of a 1170ms attack, which is just... pointless, really. The speed boost alone is significant though, I'm surprised they haven't nerfed its damage when they boost the speed.

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    1. Yay! WE LUV U PHANTOM!
    Um, well, you're awesome Phantom.

    2. Phantom's pimp car.

    3. I feel like those boys who were gawking at Mercedes' cleavage in the Mercedes wallpaper.

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    I lol'd.

    The last person in Maple World you'd think would become a mob.

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    Wiz The Librarian and...whatever that Disciple of Manji is called? Why are they suddenly boss mobs? Something to do with Phantom?

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    Oh I just noticed the new video!

    I think it plays during the tutorial, before Phantom is randomly transported back to Crystal Garden. He confronts Hilla (it's funny because Mercedes and Helena are screaming like fan girls while she's all surprised and scared) and she turns into her 'battle form' I guess. He uses some stolen skills and she runs away, lol.

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    wtp Magatia.
    wtp Ludi.
    wtp Ellin forest

    wtp Maple Story?

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    They're possessed by Su, I think.

    Here's the video~

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    I thought that too. But those are the Monster Park mobs. So it's nothing too big.

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    LOL! Phantom has so many promo videos.

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    Changed - Level readout (MP #mpCon 소비, #time초 간 공격력 #damR% 증가.\n패시브 효과 : 너클 숙련도 #mastery%로 상승, 상태 이상 및 모든 속성 내성 #terR% 증가 --> MP #mpCon 소비, #time초 간 공격력 #x% 증가.\n패시브 효과 : 너클 숙련도 #mastery%로 상승, 상태 이상 및 모든 속성 내성 #terR% 증가)
    Changed - x (1 --> 15) (1 --> roundUp(level/2))
    Removed - damR

    Too lazy to translate, What does this mean exactly?



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