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  1. Mercury Straight Male
    IGN: StacknStick
    Server: Windia
    Level: 200
    Job: Phantom
    Guild: Exist
    Alliance: DreamHome
    Farm: ButcherDen

    Default Re: Phantom SP Build.

    Found a little glitch for low 4th jobbers. Cast a buff in 1/2/3rd job slot, then put it into 4th job slot and it will stay maxed until you recast. So then you can have maxed said buff and whatever buff you want in 1/2/3rd job.

    Edit: Also you can use Tempest twice in a row if you're quick enough to press it before the cooldown starts.
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  2. Default Re: Phantom SP Build.

    It sounds like you may not be using it correctly.
    You need to press the two skill keys in very rapid succession to avoid the long delay and make the combo work.

  3. Default Re: Phantom SP Build.

    You're supposed to use charge in the first instant you use brise when the card forms in front of you. Before the brise of cards get launched. Took me a while to figure out the timing too, and even after i got it i never really used it anyway.

  4. Default Re: Phantom SP Build.

    Because it's crap.

    Now that I'm 4th Job it still doesn't get used. It's faster just to hold down Penombre since it has no delay and it's far more powerful.

  5. Default Re: Phantom SP Build.

    This thread is pretty dead until Locked gets around to updating it, but I saw a Phantom using Combat Orders (3rd job Supportive) yesterday and thought that was pretty neat. Worth putting on the list I think.

  6. Default Re: Phantom SP Build.

    Why in god's name would you use CO over levelling 50% faster (Or more) or combo attack? I just can't see any reasoning behind it.

  7. In my dreams... Gay Male
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 215
    Job: Hoyoung
    Alliance: KATYPERRY

    Default Re: Phantom SP Build.

    Party buff for areas that don't need HS?

  8. Default Re: Phantom SP Build.

    I'd still think that combo attack would be the much better choice. CO is such a minor increase in damage output it's pretty negligible.

  9. Default Re: Phantom SP Build.

    neglible maybe if you are alone but what if on a full party at our favorite place LHC? those +2 skills on all of their skills it must be worth it no?

  10. Default Re: Phantom SP Build.

    Combat Orders is probably the most insignificant party buff in the entire game that doesn't add Accuracy, unless you're specifically buffing some 10 point skill like ACB, or Ultimate Inferno.

  11. Default Re: Phantom SP Build.

    We had a Bishop already so we didn't need the Phantom to use HS.

    Huh, I didn't realize CO was that bad. I was on a Marksman and the +2 skills really helped my damage.

  12. Default Re: Phantom SP Build.

    Only time its useful is when you already have HS and SE in your party. You can then put combat orders in 4th job slot or be selfish and use roll the dice/night lord 40 w.att buff. Unless the hs comes from another phantom and you dont have Adv bless ofc.

  13. Interdimensional Rift Straight Male
    IGN: thewatch3r
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 204
    Job: Lolmaster
    Guild: Contagious

    Default Re: Phantom SP Build.

    It's not that it is terrible or anything. There are just a lot better buffs out there

  14. Default Re: Phantom SP Build.

    For a Marksman, it's great since Ultimate Strafe is 10 points, you go from 205% per hit to 215% per hit (about a 1.05x increase), but most jobs main attacks and buffs are 30 point skills, so you're going from say 260% to 266% on Hurricane for a Bow Master (about a 1.02x increase). There's a few other skills that can add damage, but not every job has those either.

    Rage would be better for damage most of the time as a comparison. There's very few other 4th job party buffs to take over Combat Orders to begin with though. Speed Infusion is an okay alternative, but Phantoms themselves don't benefit from it, and it's only useful for classes that don't already reach the cap, which can be hard to accommodate for on the fly.

  15. Default Re: Phantom SP Build.

    ye I Im aware of the marksman situation but who doesnt have rage in 2nd job as a phantom while grinding at LHC anyway? Im mostly leaning towards buffing the person whos giving SE for the entire party. If Im not wrong that gives 2% more crit chance and 3%(?) crit damage, this should make a bigger impact than rage if Im not wrong. At least if you follow the description w.att will be reduced on stolen skills, which means rage will be knocked down to 18 w.att rather than 30, or am I wrong on this? But these situations are really rare for me at least, which is why I think its pretty pomegranate. Not to mention that you HAVE to recast it on everyone every 108 sec, makes it even worse to deal with.

    Idk what I was saying, co'ed se will only make a difference if the person has a lot of w.att, at that point its not even worth partying at LHC, mostly solo + 5 leechers.

  16. Default Re: Phantom SP Build.

    Now that hypers are out, if i put the one that adds more targets on mille aguilles that skill beats penombre at mobbing? or is still superior penombre? and the hypers of tempest are good? or useless?

  17. Default Re: Phantom SP Build.

    Just so you know, you are wrong on this, well not you really, but the description is wrong, all buffs still give the full effect, besides duration. The description is probably meant to say something about how the damage of attacks is reduced.

  18. Default Re: Phantom SP Build.

    Is this build still viable for the RED patch?

    I'm at the point where you nearly max Talent IV, and the guide says to max Penombre afterwards. I don't really see myself using Penombre a lot, why's that? Sure, it has awesome attack, but the animation is still too slow, not to mention the skill moves you around the map. By the time I've jumped back and forth, or used it in a combo with the other card skills, Mille or Chain Lightning or Dragon Strike or whatever could have already done the job.

    I feel I would just be better off working on Mille or Carte.

  19. Default Re: Phantom SP Build.

    Looking at it I think it's been outdated since the nerf that happened to us. I think it's more Mille after impecc



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