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  1. Default Using Mercedes as a "Beginner" class.

    Wouldn't it be both plausable, and useful, to use Mercedes beginner skills such as Regen and Updraft instead of being a normal Beginner? It allows you more survivability at lower levels for less money compared to Citizen, Legend and Beginner.

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    Unfortunately Mercedes starts out at lv 10 and as a first job character, but I guess you could never advance to 2nd job since that is the only one that isn't automatic.

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    That's kind of when I meant. Don't level up any of her skills, or perhaps only level up Glide Blast and Potential Power? (Maybe even level up everything except for her attack skill and treat it as some kind of perma 1st job-beginner Hybrid?)

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    I don't see the point in staying first job lol. It's not like you can see them as first job when you click or check ranks.
    It will always be known as mercedes.

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    came into thread thinking "yes, if i were just starting this game, mercedes would be a great first character. low pot use, free weapons through quests once legend events are gone, ridiculous damage so equipment barely matters, high mobility to not lose attention to walking/climbing..."



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