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  1. Default S> All Decent Skills Rentals (Soon selling Useful skills too)

    UPDATE: Changed rates/collateral requirements.

    Decent Hyper Body: 70m / 3b collateral
    Minimum level requirement: 30
    Unisex and All Class

    Decent Mystic Door: 50m/2b collateral
    Minimum level requirement: 30

    Decent Haste: 50m/2b collateral
    Minimum level requirement: 80

    Decent Sharp Eyes: 70m/3b collateral
    Minimum level requirement: 30

    Decent Combat Orders: 100m/4b collateral
    Minimum level requirement: 80

    Decent Speed Infusion: 300m/5b/You have to PSOK twice
    Minimum level requirement: 120
    Minimum stats requirement:
    Warrior: 105 DEX
    Magician: 123 LUK
    Pirate: 120 STR/DEX

    Decent Advanced Blessing: 300m/5b/You have to PSOK twice
    Minimum level requirement: 120
    Minimum stats requirement (without helmet):
    Warrior: 105 DEX
    Thief: 160 DEX
    Archers: 105 STR
    Pirate: 120 STR/DEX

    NOTE: I'll be price checking the items myself, do not get offended if I consider your item to be worth less than what you think it's worth. Lots of people already target my Hyper Body pants so I have strict collateral requirements, one being I don't accept scrolls.

    If you need vouches just ask around, I've sold to plenty of people already around the server.

    Msg me @ LoveVictim if you're interested.
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    >dem prices


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    come to scania plz, kkthx D:

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    What are prices in other servers, just for comparison? I've been selling at this price for months now. People complain about the collateral being high but I have enough vouches to get away with it.

    Anyways, Mercedes SE has been popular today. Msg me on @ LoveVictim or @ Lynergy or @ Avariane.

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    The price for the skill itself is pretty steep but you're selling en masse and as a business. I never charged people anything when i had my pirate SE gloves. They ended up paying me a random amount for my generosity anyway. Never even got scammed. I wouldn't pay more than like 10m for the skills on tradeable equipment.

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    Decided on prices for Useful skills yet? I'll be buying all three hopefully! (god, it's going to take me like 20 seconds to buff fully)

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    It will be a slow pace but.. Warrior and Thief Useful set should be ready on the first week of Super Cube release.

    Already have my Nox Helm at Unique and Marx Helm at Epic. Need to cube another set of Marx gloves for Wind Booster.

    Probably 200m/5b/u psok each for Wind Booster & Advance Blessing. 70m/4b for Combat Orders. Discount if you buy more than one.

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    Please come to Bera.... ;~;

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    Bump. Warrior and Thief Advance Blessing is ready.. Archer helmet is being a ***** so give me time. I'll get it done.

    200m/5b/u psok twice is the rate.

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    Awesome! How long are you gonna be on today? I'll be on in a few hours or so to rent if you're around. Not getting SI/CO 'til later?

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    Later this week I will get it. Super Cubes are really expensive.

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    Okie, no worries. What are the stat reqs on the AB warrior helmet?

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    Also, sorry but Pirates you're going to wait a while to rent Advance Bless from me. Taking precedence to the needs of my boss group first.

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    Combat Orders Rent 100m/5b collateral level 80 clean VSS

    There's a waiting line so please have patience.. been going crazy selling skills to everyone today.
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    Warrior Speed Infusion 200m/5b/u psok twice.

    Archer Advanced Bless 200m/5b/u psok twice.

  16. Default Re: S> All Decent Skills Rentals (Soon selling Useful skills too)

    Pirate Advanced Blessing ready. 200m/5b/u psok twice.

  17. Default Re: S> All Decent Skills Rentals (Soon selling Useful skills too)

    Those that keep asking on whispers overnight when I'm sleeping, I'm willing to cube Mage Bless/SI soon only if I get enough requests for it. So let all your mage friends know. But anyways, I will make a set of those in the future (when my girlfriend makes her mage), just not within the next two weeks probably unless, like I said, I get requests for it (15 requests or so).

    Not sure who plays a mage anymore that isn't a Bless/HS mule or aura mules.



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