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    Yeah, the only thing that changes for Bullet Smash is damage. Number of mobs and distance stays the same.
    I already know what I'm leaving unmaxed in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th : Invisible Shot, Bullet Smash, and Nautilus Strike.

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    Just a correction, Invisible Shot should be Magnum Shot.

    And I'm gonna do the same as you Izzy ^^

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    Invisible Shot will always be Invisible Shot to me. I'm too used to it being called that and not Magnum Shot.

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    Just checked and Screw Punch's delay is 720ms when linked to Double Spiral, and Double Spiral's delay is 690ms when linked to Screw Punch.

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    I'm still confused about Hollow Point Bullets. How exactly does it work? Does it create an "imaginary" set of 700 bullets or does it turn the next 700 bullets in your inventory into Hollow Point Bullets? Does Infinite Bullet prevent Hollow Point Bullets from being consumed? Does the bullet count reset if you recast Hollow Point Bullets?

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    It creates an imaginary 700 bullets. You can recast it any time to refill them. Infinite Bullets does not affect it. You still consume normal bullets. It's just a glorified attack buff with a faux new mechanic.

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    Is there any info on which skill took the place of which so I can see which new skills will have already level 30 mastery unlocked due to previously and successfully used Mastery Books?

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    Does Willow Defense reduce 1/1 damage?

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    Holy s'hit that was a fast reply. Ok, cool.

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    How come Mental Clarity and Vipersition have no duration time?

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    It's 3 mins at all levels.



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