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  1. Default [Justice] [Adventurer] Thieves

    Credit to JoeTang for these translations.

    Night Lord
    Chief Bandit
    Semi-Dualer (20-29)
    Dualer (30-54)
    Dual Master (55-69)
    Slasher (70-119)
    Dual Blader (120+)

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    Thanks Fiel and JoeTang!!
    Is the fact that Haste's Delay posted in here is 1500ms Delay an error or is that the real number the *.wz files show?
    I am a bit confused about how the Dark Sight damage works in Assassinate. Does it mean that with Maxed Assassinate and 5 KP if I am on Dark sight I am going to do 150%+150%=+300% Damage (4x Damage) or 2.5*2.5=6.25x Damage.
    One last thing, this is probably a stupid question but is there a difference between +Avoidability% and +Avoid-rate%? If so, which is which?
    I'm guessing +Avoidability% is just grab your total avoid and add some percentage of it. And I know Avoid-rate% is not equal to Shadow Shifter's Dodge. Then what is it?
    Again, thanks.

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    Maxed Assassinate with Dark Sight does 2.5x damage, with 5 KP would be 2.5 * 2.5 I believe, though it might be 2.5 + 2.5.

    +Avoidability% takes your avoidability stat and multiplies it to give you that much more avoid stat.
    +Avoid rate% takes the chance for an enemy to miss on you because of your avoid stat, and multiplies it to give you higher chance to be missed.
    +Dodge rate% is a flat chance to dodge attacks.

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    섀도어 인스팅트
    Description: 거듭되는 암살을 통해 섀도어의 본능을 일깨워 공격력을 증가시키고, 적의 방어를 꿰뚫는 능력을 익힌다. 패시브로 적을 공격 시 킬링 포인트를 쌓을 수 있으며, 쌓은 포인트를 소모하여 공격력을 더욱 강화할 수 있다.
    Info: type = 10, magicSteal = 1
    Delays: alert4 - 900 ms
    Animations: effect
    Maximum Level: 20

    Instinct syaedoeo
    Description: Shadow U by repeated assassination attack increases as a powerful reminder of the nature, learn the ability to penetrate enemy defenses. Killing an enemy with a passive attack is to gain points, accumulated points can be enhanced by consuming more damage.
    Info: type = 10, magicSteal = 1
    Delays: alert4 - 900 ms
    Animations: effect
    Maximum Level: 20

    Huh what?

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    Gimme some time to fix all the mistakes. There are at least 50 mistakes made with the translations.

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    According to videos, the Skill Icon for Karma is not Rage's icon but rather Chakra's.

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    Question 1:
    Dark Serenity: It has an MP cost but no duration listed, how does it work?
    Question 2:
    Will Quad Throw work with Mastery? I've been under the impression that L7 didn't for a long time, and that TT still doesn't (the reason why it doesn't work with Expert Throwing).

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    K, that one is Nexon's fault. The original description didn't list its duration. It lasts 93 seconds at level 1 and 180 seconds at level 30.
    I thought they changed that in Chaos for Triple Throw.

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    I'm not nearly as knowledgeable at that stuff as most here, which is why I ask. So then I guess it's safe to assume QT factors in mastery, making Star Expert an awesome skill to have.

    More question, I saw somebody ask it somewhere else on the site but can't remember where to check for an answer: Will any new skills not require skillbooks if I have certain skillbooks already used? So if I have TT20/30, will I need QT20/30?

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    though i hav not tried the new assaulter but i like the current assaulter.

    really hope that they will somehow change it back.

    "Flying " around using assaulter is one of my fav "stunt" that i do with my shadower.

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    Fiel! Thank you for the extract. Always nice to know.

    A few questions, though, that don't appear;

    Night Lord's skill "Purge Area"; does it work on bosses as well?
    The skill "Dark Serenity" does it stack with unstackable potions/buffs?
    Does bandit's "Karma" stack?
    Does the new 70% mastery work with Quadruple Throw?


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    Fiel doesn't play the game anymore.
    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. No idea if Quad Throw has its own formula.

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    Just a side note: Taunt says +x% "MP Cost: 30, EXP and Item Drop Rate: +x%"

    Not sure if that's how it is in the data or not.



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