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Thread: Server Move

  1. Default Server Move

    Now that FlowsionMS is down, Trunks and I have decided on a joint venture to purchase a server. The current server that and run on will expire on this Friday. Therefore, there will be a server move before then to ensure the future of and

    I will be posting updates in this topic regarding this server move in order to keep all of you informed.

    - Posts, extractions, and all boards
    - All accounts, account settings, etc. will remain

    - The database in its current form
    - The other design templates (firmament, fusion)

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    The thing that's up right now.

    Meaning he may reupload it to the new server, but it might not be exactly the same.

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    It'll be a lot more convenient to switch in between IRC channels I know at least that much :3

    Is it because Flowsion went down, that the Xeon Quadcore Server would be too excessive just for forum/irc purposes? If that's so, then that's practical. Hope the merger goes well. :D

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    Chances are that I will be having a different way to access raw information in the WZ files. I will be going over more of this after the server move.

    Yes, exactly. That's the reason for this server move.

    I do not know what will happen to Flowsion's IRC channels, #FMS, or anything of the sort. You'd have to check at his website.

    We are staying with the same host, just switching servers, so the move will be managed. Chances are that the move will move along very smoothly.

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    It's likely that there will be some downtime, but I do not have any exact numbers at this time. Please check this topic from time to time for updates.

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    Any chance of letting us know the new IP before the DNS crap kills everything?

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    If I know the IP but no one else does, I can always do a mass e-mail to all users.

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    Soo..your moving the forum and database to after you buy that domain again?

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    Just a DB move or a domain change?

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    A big thanks to Bulldog. The server move seems to have gone on without a hitch.

    Please PM me if you should run into any problems. Thank you for your cooperation.

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    Aside from the rollback to x time (previous posts I made a little before the site went down and all that was left was the IRC and the note are gone, etc), yea. :P

    I guess that is the one good thing about Nexon's server checks/patches. They usually don't happen on a Friday afternoon.

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    Darn you Flowsion! I have now lost ~5 posts because of you! Nah, it isn't that big of a deal, I just get to repost stuff. X_X

    TBH, I just figured it was part of moving. :P

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    The map data is still up for some reason o.O

    Yeah, that fixed it. In retrospect, I shouldn't have done it xD On the other hand the only map I would actually want to look at at this point is HT's Cave, but I can't write about that due to lack of 1st-hand experience, so it's all good.
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    It isn't. Clear your browser cache.

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    Are you going to put the database back up (in some "other form") soon?

    It was an excellent resource for comics/signatures/other Maple related things...



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