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  1. Default Katawa Shoujo Release on Jan 4, 2012

    So Katawa Shoujo is finally coming out. This post is primarily here to inform people who have played the demo but have stopped checking for updates.

    For newcomers, here's a short summary from Felix's original thread:

    "For those of you who have no idea or are too lazy to read the site, it's a VN about a boy who gets a dangerous heart condition and has to attend a school for people with disabilities/special needs. He meets several unique girls and can build relationships with them depending on the choices you make for him. It's a Japanese-style VN through-and-through, but you can feel the Western influence behind it (and it's done in English text, of course)."

    I strongly suggest you try playing the demo "Act I" to see if you like the style of the game and the writing, and most of all, the characters.

    Warning: The demo is clean but the full game does contain adult scenes. I suspect that they will be mild, but play at your own discretion, I suppose.
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    Can't wait to buy the addons from Steam!

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    I was thinking more along the lines of, "why is this not in the gaming section", among other things. Does an eroge really belong on this forum to begin with? If so, I say we have Rance and VH discussions, dohoho.

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    Ah! I remember playing the demo way back when, totally worth running through it if you haven't. Looking forward to its official release now too.

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    ...clearly you haven't been here long enough.

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    Imo a story with some interactive decisions isn't really a game.

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    I see no moderator approval or disapproval in that thread, therefore my question of "does 18+ content belong on this forum" stands.

    Keima may take issue with that. Not sure how I feel about it, though. I think a VN is sort of a game, at least more of a game than an anime...

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    Like I said, I made this thread mainly for people in a similar situation as Kurtle.

    That rule wasn't in place back then and the demo is clean, so the original thread isn't that relevant. This is kinda what would go into the VN thread we had a while back, except that thread is dead. I agree that a VN isn't much of a game, even though I refer to it as one, and it's probably most relevant to people who actually come in anime/manga.

    Also, you can't compare this game to Rance. I suspect the adult scenes in this game would possibly be milder than ones in a movie. I guess I should put a warning up though.

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    schoolgirl squeal

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    I actually chat with a guy that does some of the editing for Katawa Shoujo, and he's a pretty cool bro. I still need to read Katawa Shoujo too. Haven't had time to try it yet. Jeez, go figure.

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    Oh right. I haven't been hanging around again long enough to remember the obscenity rules.

    It... should be fine, I think? It's not like we'll be discussing the scenes, so...

    And yeah, I think of them as games, but they're more fitting for the anime/manga forum than the games one.

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    I dont really know how I feel about this.

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    Just finished Act 1, can't wait for the full release to come out, I enjoyed this 'game' much more than I thought I would do. Thanks for the topic here ^^

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    I just downloaded this so I could try something different.

    The art is very well-done, and the story seems nice so far. You can also disable the adult content in the options.

    Edit: The intro is very depressing for me...

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    Downloading now. Will play sometime later tonight.

    This also reminded me I have to play the Clannad VN.



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