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  1. Default Tips for finding Heartstones/Golden Flowers?

    I can't seem to find any anywhere I go. Are they like bosses and they respawn after x amount of time, or do they just appear randomly at a low rate?

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    They seem to appear randomly. But still at cretain places.
    I once havn't seen one in weeks, then saw one, then a few days none, then I saw a couple in a row.
    It's pretty much a low rate I belive.

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    They spawn after Server Checks, so I guess it's on an exceptionally long timer.

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    I think it also doesn't help that people are becoming more and more aware of the change to what drops from them. Two, three weeks ago, I'm sure they were generally a lot more common than they are now. My thoughts have always been to try out places that aren't visited as frequently. Mushroom Kingdom? That's a no-go. I'd try Mu Lung over that. etc. etc.

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    I found 3-4 of them in random maps while training my cannoneer up to 70 (took what, 2 1/2 days). Mushroom Kingdom, Drakes, etc. I suspect now that people know they drop 10-15 high level plates/jewels they're more interested in mining them though.

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    I found a bunch of them in ToT this morning, switching through channels in Memory 2. I guess the best bet is to go to unpopular maps directly after a server check and farm away.

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    Im going to share my secret with the world now.

    Elin Forest.

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    I checked there earlier, every map and every channel. Didn't find any. =\


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    now they do with legend patch

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    How rare is this success? I've "failed" every single time I've harvested a gold flower but herb roots/refined oils still pour out anyways. No Ancient Essences, though. :(

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    No, you still fail them, they just drop actual plates and jewels now. :P

  13. Default Re: Tips for finding Heartstones/Golden Flowers?

    ...So that's what that pink heart was...Didn't have an interest in mining at the time so i walked past it...

  14. Default Re: Tips for finding Heartstones/Golden Flowers?

    theyre random spawning afaik, but seen 1-3 at kerning square

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    @DragonBolta; @Rith; Come on now, the last post before yours was in 2011.



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