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  1. Basic0 Miracle Cube vs Super Miracle Cube, What do you expect?

    How much you think of a difference between MC vs SMC will there be from making an item from Rare to Epic to Unique?

    How how of a difference will there be and will it be worth it?

    Anyone from KMS have any idea?

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    GMS Legend extractions shows the "Master Cube" costing 1.9k NX. Really hoping it stays that way.

    Also, I can only hope the unconfirmed "25% chance" rarity increase is kinda true :P

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    It would be annoying to have to pay more for a cube that has a super low chance to get to legendary...

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    If it significantly makes it easier for an item to go from rare -> epic -> unique easier than normal cubes, then this would be good. That question hasn't been answered yet. According to this thread, getting legendary from unique with these new cubes is the same chance as getting unique from epic with normal cubes:

    That STILL doesn't answer the question of how hard it'll be to get epic, unique with the new cubes though.

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    I was under the impression Master Miracle Cubes are only used on unique items to get them to legendary o.o

    Assuming you can use them on rare/epic items to get them to epic/unique, I can't see them changing the % chance since you have the option of choosing the cheaper cube still...I mean it is Nexon after all.

    Either way, the fragments I get I may just make epic potential scrolls so if I ever come across an item that's rare that I want to try and get to epic immediately I can just use those :)

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    Pretty sure you can only use those on items without potential. Like how normal potential scrolls work

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    No, they work on rare tier items too, if I remember the description correctly.

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    Nope, you can use it like a normal potential scroll or on an item that's Rare to change it to Epic.

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    Oh really? my bad. I remember reading it somewhere but it was clearly false info, thanks.

    I'm quite excited for epic potential scrolls myself then ;)

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    I can't remember where I read it, but I was told that cubing with normal miracle cubes from Rare to Epic and then Master Cubes from Epic -> Unique -> Legendary was the best combination that cost the least amount of money.

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    I think the question I'm more inclined to ask is, "Do we even know the % for Epic -> Unique to begin with?"
    I personally never tried getting something to unique.

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    o_o Master cubes are used to get from Unique to Legendary, there is no point using them on Epic/Rare items
    and my friend also said they have a 10%/25% chance of turning the item to Legendary and I hope it is true

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    The cubes description tell you that they have an increased chance to make the item move up in tiers, hence the whole argument. If it turns out you can only use the cubes on unique items this whole thing would be moot, but we are not there yet.

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    I remember a KMSer(I think it was Casper) who posted that he used significantly less cubes to get rare->unique with super miracle cubes.
    It remains to be seen whether this difference offsets the added price.

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    On topic: I'm expecting a huge change to the NX:Meso ratio. Lord knows what wiill happen to hackers like DOTCurrency who hit over the damage cap without Legend potential.

    Off topic: Stats and skills of Legend Potential
    Decent Combat Orders

    MP Cost: 64, +1 SP on all skills for 240 seconds.
    Decent Advanced Bless
    MP Cost: 120, Duration: 240 seconds. +20 Weapon ATT, +20 Magic ATT, +425 Weapon DEF, +425 Magic DEF, +260 Accuracy, +260 Avoidability, +475 MaxHP, +475 MaxMP, MP Consumption Reduction: 12%.
    Decent Speed Infusion
    HP Cost: 80, MP Cost: 80, Speeds up your attacks for 240 seconds.

    STR : +8/10/12/14/16/18.
    DEX : +8/10/12/14/16/18.
    INT : +8/10/12/14/16/18.
    LUK : +8/10/12/14/16/18.
    MaxHP : +25/50/75/100/125/150/175/200/225/250/275/300.
    MaxMP : +25/50/75/100/125/150/175/200/225/250/275/300.
    Acccuracy : +8/16/24/32/40/48/56/64/72/80/88/96.
    Avoidability : +8/16/24/32/40/48/56/64/72/80/88/96.
    Speed : +8/10/12/14.
    Jump : +8/10/12/14.
    Weapon ATT : +8/10/12/14/16/18.
    Magic ATT : +8/10/12/14/16/18.
    Weapon DEF : +25/50/75/100/125/150/175/200/225/250/275/300.
    Magic DEF : +25/50/75/100/125/150/175/200/225/250/275/300.
    STR : +6%/9%/12%.
    DEX : +6%/9%/12%.
    INT : +6%/9%/12%.
    LUK : +6%/9%/12%.
    MaxHP : +6%/9%/12%.
    MaxMP : +6%/9%/12%.
    Accuracy : +6%/9%/12%.
    Avoidability : +6%/9%/12%.
    Weapon ATT : +6%/9%/12%.
    Magic ATT : +6%/9%/12%.
    Weapon DEF : +6%/9%/12%.
    Magic DEF : +6%/9%/12%.
    Critical Rate : +6%/9%/12%.
    [Required Level: 50] Minimum Critical Damage : +3%/6%/9%/12%/15%.
    [Required Level: 50] Maximum Critical Damage : +3%/6%/9%/12%/15%.
    Damage : +6%/9%/12%.
    All Stats : +4/8/12.
    All Stats : +3%/6%/9%.
    [Required Level: 30] All Skills : +2.
    [Required Level: 70] All Skills : +3.
    [Required Level: 70] Elemental Resistance : +5%/10%.
    [Required Level: 70] Abnormal Status Resistance : +5%/10%.
    [Required Level: 50] Chance to ignore monster’s DEF: 35%.
    [Required Level: 100] Chance to ignore monster’s DEF: 40%.
    [Required Level: 20] 10% chance to ignore 20% damage.
    [Required Level: 40] 10% chance to ignore 40% damage.
    Invinciblity duration: +3 seconds.
    4% chance to become invincible after being hit for 5/6/7 seconds.
    10%/20%/30% chance to reflect 20%/35%/50% damage.
    10%/20%/30% chance to reflect 30%/50%/70% damage.
    Skills’ MP Cost : -5%/10%/15%.
    Skills’ MP Cost : -10%/20%/30%.
    HP Recovery : +20%/30%/40%.
    [Required Level: 70] Cooldowns : -1 second.
    [Required Level: 120] Cooldowns : -2 seconds.
    [Required Level: 50] Bossing Damage : +30%.
    [Required Level: 100] Bossing Damage : +35%.
    [Required Level: 100] Bossing Damage : +40%.
    Obtained Mesos : +10%/15%/20%.
    Item Drop Rate : +10%/15%/20%.
    [Required Level: 20] Chance to auto steal when attacking : 3%.
    [Required Level: 40] Chance to auto steal when attacking : 5%.
    [Required Level: 60] Chance to auto steal when attacking : 7%.
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    Though this topic is not about that, nor did anyone ask for this information.

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    This. AND you forgot to include the new potential skills to boot.

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    How can you base a whole theory on that statement?!
    The longest-ever item to Unique took me 240 cubes, and the shortest-ever took 9. (funny how they were cubed in the same hour)
    MY point is, just because he got lucky/unlucky you can't assume its X's fault (or vice versa, by X's help)

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    Super Miracle Cube
    A mysterious cube, said to bring out the hidden potential of equipment. Has a greater chance of raising equipment rank than the Miracle Cube. \n#cOnly usable on items from Rare to Legendary#\n#cMax Result: Legendary

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    Reading comprehension is hard :/
    I even got into an argument in-game about this, because people DON'T READ THE DESCRIPTIONS!

    @Elven, unnecessary wall of text is unnecessary.



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