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    Mental Clarity, it's an Infighter skill

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    Why are there 2 Phantom Charges and 2 Twilights?

    Phantom Charge
    Description: Form a large spear with your cards, rushing through enemies with it and ending with a half-moon cut. Can be linked with Brise Carte, reducing its delay. Permanently improves Brise Carte's damage.
    MP Cost: 50, Damage: 250%, Number of Hits: 2, Max Enemies Hit: 10, After Movement - Damage: 220%, Number of Hits: 3, Passive Effect - Brise Carte Damage: +50%

    Phantom Charge
    Description: Phantom Charge's attack.
    MP Cost: 25, Damage: 220%, Number of Hits: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 10

    Description: Jump backwards, throwing a powerful card at enemies in front of you. Can be linked after Phantom Charge, reducing Phantom Charge's delay. Also permanently improves Phantom Charge's damage.
    MP Cost: 80, Move backwards, Damage: 330%, Number of Hits: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Passive Effect - Phantom Charge Damage: +50%

    Description: Twilight's Attack
    MP Cost: 40, Damage: 510%, Number of Hits: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 10

    I'm confused..

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    Phantom Charge and Twilight have to parts to their skills. They need skill data for both parts. The second ones are invisible in your skill book.

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    Holy charge is still a valid 4th job skill for pallies right?
    How viable would dual charging with holy and lightning on a phantom be?
    edit: Or stacking holy charge and combo

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    Ohh.. So Phantom Charge.. The charging part does 250% x 2, The half-moon cut does 220% x 3?

    I still don't understand Twilight.. the skill has only 1 part.. no? The throwing card part

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    Jumping backwards part.

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    I don't have any numbers, but I would assume that rapid fire + combo outdamages that combination.

    Plus holy charge has reduced utility against everything that is holy-resistant... including, well, mostly every boss.

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    I'm just talking about for regular training at places like LHC
    i'm going to assume that ultimate drive is going to be your main mobbing attack for places like that.
    specifically because of the fact that it, from what i've seen in videos, isnt 85% damage but 85x3 right?

    Basically i'm trying to figure out what the best combination would be for regular training in 4th job.

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    Something I just noticed in the skill descriptions I haven't seen mentioned here yet. It says steal a skill of #th job or lower. Can anyone confirm that a fourth job phantom can have three second job skills or two third job skills active at once? I know its natural to think that higher level skills are always better but I can think of a few instances where being able to sack your fourth job skill slot for a third (or even second) job skill would be a significant help.

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    Holy Symbol.

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    About Ultimate Drive, I'm confused. Some videos it hits three times, some videos it hits two... What gives?
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