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    Not sure if its just me, showa is completely broken. I use an attack, freeze and dc. Same thing with two of my characters, and happened with my friend while we were going to grandpa.
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  2. Won't Be Coming Back Male

    IGN: Biades4hire
    Server: Windia
    Level: 19x
    Job: Dual Blade


    Does anyone know if resetting my level 10 mining/jewelist and learning alchemist/herbalism would give me coins when I level alchemy?

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    On my Pally, Rushing and ACBing = DC pretty frequently...

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    In kMS, I believe initially you could get coins for levelling up each of the professions once, but then I think they changed it in a later patch to only give it to you on the first profession you did it on :o

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    Not helping... I get nothing. I already got the coins from the event and all. No quests to accept, nothing.

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    Duno if this is intentional. But i used teh full AP reset and..


    Not that i'm complaining lol

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    Well, you are going over 20 dex anyway. And yeah, everyone knew this already.

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    I believe 999 is the cap for one single AP stat (level point wise) you has 14 points into dex nao :D

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    I think it's more that he CAN put points past 999 into luk.
    It's not greyed out.

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    Yes. I maxed all 5 professions and got 90 coins total.

    Just unlearn and redo it.

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    My 1h axe fighter walks like he's carrying a 2h.

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    I was planning on doing some blacksmithing anyway! so all good.

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    Everyday I'm shufflin'.

    You can't go past 999, or at least I couldn't, on a related note, my mouse might now be broken.

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    I know you're not THEORETICALLY able to but it looked like he could from that.
    Or maybe I'm just misunderstanding.

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    I didn't notice the 999 thing, but rather his dex is at 4 even though he's a shadower.

  16. Won't Be Coming Back Male

    IGN: Biades4hire
    Server: Windia
    Level: 19x
    Job: Dual Blade


    That's intentional.

  17. Polar Bear Gay Male
    IGN: danielcatu
    Server: yellonde
    Level: 121
    Job: Wind Archer
    Guild: Vendetta
    Farm: 765pro


    sometimes I get stuck in the rope when I'm using eagle eye.... I have to untransform to move...

    never had this problem before

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    Scrolling through monster book crashes my client i.e. when i'm on a monster's page and I press left or right. It doesn't happen all the time though and it's not any 1 specific card.

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    The sounds on cannoneer are pineappleed up.

    Not sure if it was intentional, but if it was, Cannoneer skills sound hideous now.

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    I swear to god this happens EVERY pineappleing time a new class comes out.



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