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    If you are going to train at MP3, definitely make Cannon Jump a priority. It fends off KSers so well and you move really quickly.

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    I love jump it helps me move between plats so easy especially in ludi at duals and gigs, also take is right if your not training on something you miss on then your doing it wrong =O even though i missed on gigs the exp was so good due to the multiple hits on spike that my misses didnt matter.

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    Hm, so about Cannon Bazooka and Buster in 4th job, is Bazooka for mobs and Buster for 1-on-1?

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    Yup. Buster's GMS name is Cannon Barrage.

    I'm maxing Buster first since Cannon Spike is good enough for me to mob in the meantime.

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    Currently 145. Level 29 barrage, obviously going to go for zooka next. Having my bucc as a mule is insane for my training speed. I was basically soloing an entire glitched map just by alternating spike/wave/madness/nautilus as much as possible.

    I think the 3rd job build should be changed to max both jump and wave and take the points out of roulette though. It's completely worthless since we have LHC, and the darkness doesn't work on boss monsters. Wave is at least somewhat useful because it's the only attack besides nautilus that hits more than 6 mobs.

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    I'm starting to think the same thing. For some reason I thought I would have some opportunities to use Roulette in 4th job, but I'm pretty tempted to use that SP reset sitting in my inventory and just max Wave.

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    So if the optimal 3rd job build is to have max Wave, and instant maxed wave does more than maxed Bazooka, does it imply that Bazooka may not be needed as much? Since it has a gianormous 1440 ms, will it be better just to put one point in it in 4th and leave it until later since there are other better skills to use in the meantime?

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    Would an early max on monkey militia be advisable? (before 140) and after overburn

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    I'm not sure why you'd want to do that.

    Probably. Overburn, Double Down, and Barrage should definitely come before Bazooka since you have so many other powerful mobbing skills.

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    I disregarded the idiocy of some suggestions and decided to fix and implement that ones that actually made sense. Such as barrel before training and removing Oak Barrel Roulette.
    Last edited by Locked; 2011-12-17 at 07:01 PM. Reason: Also I didn't touch 4th job. Sorry.

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    It basically turns your barrage spam into 7 attacks. It's awesome.

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    plus its absolutely hilarious at mu lung dojo.

    summons soloing bosses is really funny to watch.

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    its hella powerful.

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    Madness or gtfo. :/

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    reason why i maxed spike first over madness is because madness' cooldown doesnt change as it levels.
    sure it does a lot of damage and hits 10 mobs but its still 5 seconds at all levels.
    even though spike hits 6 mobs its still your main training skill for 3rd job and some of 4th job due to the bazooka delay vs. power issue (max spike outdpses bazooka until bazooka is around level 14 or 15)

    truth be told i didnt max madness till second to last and i still leveled fine.

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    The third job build is a little off. At level 108, Cannon Jump would be level 5 not 7. At the end, everything should be maxed except Oak Barrel which would be level 6, not 8.

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    Coincidentally, I just Dojo'd today before going through this thread again and realized how good it is.

    I sorta want to max it next instead of Adv Magic now. Anchor is good too.



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