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  1. Default Demon Slayer questions

    1. Can cash-shop-shields mask over their Force Shields?

    2. Is their skin color changeable?

    3. Do they have special (Demon-Slayer only) hairstyles or eyes?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Default

    With NX, or when you make them? It can be changed with NX of course, but I am not sure about when you make them.

    When you make them? Yes. Hair is the only unique thing I believe though, eyes have been in the data I think.

  3. Default

    2. With NX. By the way is their skin color the blue 1, or is it a completely new demon-slayer only skin color? (something like Aran)

    3. Ohh THANKS!

  4. Default

    I don't play KMS, but I have gathered this from the blogs and comment sections.
    1. No
    2. Yes, when you make them, you can change the colors, though I'm just making mine pale.
    3. Yes, I know hair is unique, and I thought the eyes were too, but I may be wrong.

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    Aw we cant mask over the shields ):

    Thanks Emily.

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    They can at least equip other shields, right? I'd like to use my 25atk Maple Shield on my Demon Slayer.

  7. Default

    Not a good plan, from what I gather.
    You reaaaally want the +DF on their shields.

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    Their shields have DF? Extractions don't show it O_o

  9. Neon Atom Straight Male

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    It's shown as MP in Fiel's extractions. They don't have any DF-increasing skills, they're stuck with 10 DF for their life, but their shields add upto 110 DF.

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    But, besides the whole "they give DF" thing, you couldn't take the shield off if you wanted to; it's permanently equipped.

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    cant you cube the 120 one

  12. Default

    You can't change shields? Nooooooooooooo
    Guess I better start cubing the 120 shield when that time comes :(

    Yeah, but if I could have delayed having to cube it, I would have. It's one of the reasons why I'm still using a 25atk Maple Shield over any 75+ Shield.

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    IIRC, the level 120 shield only has certain stats of potential.

    EDIT: 6 STR, 24 acc, 6atk.

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    Yeah... I hate to break this to you, but you can't cube things if you can't un-equip them. So... you still don't have to worry about cubing it, which is a positive.

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    lol, this is what I get for being super tired. Can't read nor think straight.

  16. Default

    Nope you can unequip it, only the 120 one as far as I know.

  17. Euro Minicar Straight Male
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    hmm if you can potential it, what happens if it goes boom?

  18. Default

    Ah, then I wonder what happens when you cube things that came with a set potential.

    It's like PQ items, it comes pre-potentialed.

  19. Default

    So this raises the question once again, can DSlayers equip other shields and is it even worth it otherwise? After checking the extractions again, it seems like the 120 shield gives +20 Demon Force?

  20. Default

    It's definitely not, you would only have 10 DF, meaning you couldn't use any of your skills other than buffs that only use HP...

    The level 120 Force Shield gives 110 DF.



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