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    Still going to need more information about that Mechanic stuff, because I don't see how it's possible for them to be better theoretical DPS before Union at this point.
    Fixed a bug in Buccaneer that made Transform last half as long as it should have.
    Weapon Speed: Faster (3)
    Weapon Speed: Fastest (2)

    Primary attack is Rapid Fire. Uses Fusillade on more than one target. Summons Assemble Crew when available. Summons Octopus Quarterdeck when available. Assumes that you can summon multiple Octopus Quarterdecks like the previous, and assumes both summons attack at 1530ms. Variance in single target is due to randomness of Double Lucky Dice. Does not account for the possibility of Rapid Fire start-up time.

    There is a balance here between being a buff and a nerf. Instead of having a significant portion of their damage tied up in Octopus, it was all placed primarily on Rapid Fire. Octopus now accounts for approximately 200%/s. Assemble Crew (including Valerie bonus) accounts for about 400%/s.

    I just realised I forgot Head Shot and have to leave now.


    Primary attack is Fist Enrage. Uses Dragon Strike on more than one target, and Energy Blast (4th job, 3rd job is called Energy Buster in KMS) if available. Uses a charge rate of 400 for Energy, with a 40% chance to charge an extra 90 after each hit. This is the current value of charge against bosses. No I will not include their 8100 charge rate.

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    So, Vipers still suck donkey sh*t? WHOO! AT LEAST WE HAVE THAT IN COMMON WITH WHAT WE USED TO!

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    Yup, totally finalized already.

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    >Implying I implied this is a finalized chart when Joe specifically said he's not making these part of the thread's original post until it's in the official server

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    Why are you constantly on this "Pot calling the kettle black" crap? Stop being butthurt already.

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    Hmm interesting numbers for Corsairs. Good to see they aren't totally dependent on Octopus for high DPS anymore.

    Judging from videos, it looks like Octopus Quarterdeck attacks a lot faster than the old Octopi. I can't imagine Head Shot being useful for DPS at 1710 mps, except maybe at high def monsters.

    It would be nice to have more ignore PDR. We only get 10% while most other classes get 20% at least.

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    Don't call me a pot.
    PS: Show me where my butt hurts.

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    Corsairs get 30%, higher than Thieves or Buccaneers. 10% comes from 3rd job's Full Metal Jacket, and 20% comes from 4th job's Captain's Dignity.

    And yes, Head Shot is detrimental to DPS.

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    Isn't Captain's Dignity -20% damage received, not pdr?

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    Yeah it's -20% damage taken. Captains only have 10% defense ignore...which is more than they used to have. Headshot would have 50% defense ignore.

    Headshot and Fusillade Raid will probably have their delays reduced because all new pirate 4th job skills are 1710ms right now, which makes it obvious that they're just testing it.

    Vipers have the most defense ignore, if you consider a 40% chance of ignoring 100% defense as the most.

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    Oh, I read that terribly wrong then. Enjoy your nerf.
    Weapon Speed: Faster (3)
    Weapon Speed: Fastest (2)

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    Can you do the tables for buccs up to 8 targets?

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    Energy Charge charges on each individual monster, correct? So hitting two monsters at once charges twice as fast, etc?
    That's the assumption I added here. I'll also need to update the original table if this is true as well, since I did not include it.

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    Yes that is true. Just doesn't charge more energy if the attack hits multiple times.

    I like the mobbing numbers for such an early stage. I hope they buff laser a lot and nerf dragon strike to make it worth using.

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    Cocks I just realised it shouldn't be using Energy Blast. Had it tacked in to make sure the code was working. Pure Dragon Strike.

    Updating main chart as well in a minute. Dragon Strike is a bullpomegranate bandaid. hurrdurr let's just make it hit twice without adjusting anything else.

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    Hopefully Corsairs receive some delay reductions and have it as an overall improvement rather then a nerf or else I'm sticking with my Evan/Future DemonSlayer class.

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    anyone else find it interesting that fastest 2 has less dps than faster 3?

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    Their main attack is rapid fire so it isn't very surprising.

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    It's called a random number generator.

  20. Lazy Mathematician Female
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    I'm curious about testing my mech's damage to find out some weirdness behind siege mode's actual %. That hidden 4th job % damage (not the 30% boost) is really bugging me.

    What's a good mob to test on?

    1st tower ani maybe? if so, what's his PDR?



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