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  • Better than the previous

    12 7.36%
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    2 1.23%
  • Arcade gotta die, period

    11 6.75%
  • Just build y/our own already

    19 11.66%
  • Still dont care.

    119 73.01%
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Thread: Arcade Future

  1. Default Arcade Future

    Looking to get a final verdict on this.

    By now everyone who was interested was able to see both the old and the new and should be familiar with their warts and issues. Just leaves the final burning question of what next.

    Is it worth investing time trying to fix, is worth tying to do it ourselves, or have we pretty much given up on this whole concept?

  2. Default


    Never used it, never will.

  3. Default

    If we had our own I might be interested, because of the general poor quality of games in there. There's often quite a lot of effort involved in actually weeding out the bad ones. Maybe if all the games were decent..

  4. Default

    Having our own arcade won't change the quality of games. We're not going to write a thousand games of our own. If we wanted to do that we could do that already on any framework. Writing our own refers to the container system for accessing the games and game results.

    The games will always be entirely dependent on what's available from the various content provider sites.

  5. Default

    We're obviously not going to write out a thousand games, but what I'm saying is that you get to pick the games. And you DO have some taste in games, right?
    *MapleStory forum*
    *taste in games*

    I kid, I kid. But seriously.

    I don't mean that we should get 5-star games from Kongregate. I mean that we should just have games that are actually playable and can be distracting.
    And a good layout.

  6. Default

    The layout is part of what the vote is regarding.

    The list of games is not in fact solely my responsibility; I tried to import a wide-ish variety to start with and if you look at the forum directory you'll see an entire system of adding and removing games to the library for the end users to exert influence on what is or isn't in there from what's available.

    There is absolutely no way I can speak to the tastes of every, or even the average or majority, of users. Just because you hate a game doesn't mean someone else doesn't love it, and it's not hurting you any for it to exist for them. It's only the games noone wants or can use that really need to die.

  7. Default

    none of the poll options really suit me...

    i fall under "no trophy under name, no care" but i would if that were reinstated

  8. Default

    That'd be a "the previous was better" cause it had that.
    or a rewrite it. I'm disturbed at the number who are voting for that.

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    Shouldn't surprise you.
    People know that if you write it yourself it will be much better than either the previous or current ones.
    They don't know how much effort it would take you.
    So, their vote is not based on a cost/benefit analysis, just a simple wish.

  10. Default

    Didn't say surprised. Just disturbed

  11. Default

    didnt the trophies work under the new system for a short time before it was fully implemented or tested or something?

  12. Default

    It has nothing of the sort that I've seen.

  13. Default

    When 71% of the community are saying they don't care, surely that implies something.

  14. Default

    That the people who insisted it was all we needed to make their lives' complete can crawl in a hole and die?

  15. Default

    The problem with the arcade is that most people use it once or twice and then never pay attention to it ever again.

    So, I think it's not worth it to keep investing time in a feature that doesn't get used.

  16. Default

    Neither do I, but some times it takes a little proving before people let go.

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    I don't mind it being there. I actually play sometimes.

  18. Default

    I think it's clear from this the future of the Arcade is None at all.

    Of the 44 (~20%) who actually cared a quarter wanted it dead, a quarter thought it was an improvement and half thought it'd be best to scrap it and start over from scratch. Based on that, it's been removed and this (sub)forum will be closed shortly.

  19. Default

    Good s'hit eos. I never liked the arcade. Just thought it was fun to say we have the feature.



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