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Thread: [MTS] Random 1$ Sale

  1. Default Random 1$ Sale

    I shoved a bunch of random stuff in MTS for 1$.

    Good luck getting anything good before the scavengers do.

    I'll be shoving more in throughout the week.

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    What stuff exactly? :o

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    Dark 1h BW 70%
    Dark Gloves mAtt 30%
    Dark Wand mAtt 30% (2x)
    Eye Accessory INT 60% (3x)
    Dark Cape INT 30% (2x)
    Dark Eye Accessory Acc 30%
    Dark Earring INT 30%
    Dark Staff mAtt 70% (3x)
    Mushmom Eraser
    Hex Necklace
    zerk 20 (2x)
    Power Stance 30
    Enrage 20
    Dark 1h Sword mAtt 70%
    Knuckle Att 60%
    Gloves mAtt 60%
    Gloves Att 60%
    No Nx here.

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    Vaguely related but if anyone's in Mardia and has an item that can be traded they want me to 100% potential with my untradeable "Congrats you're a 200 this is what we think you want" gift send me an offer



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