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  1. Default MapleStory Market Research Survey

    Take it, share it, whatever.

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    A fair amount of typos in it, Eos .

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    Tell it to the author.

  4. Default

    Isn't there a category that comes close?

  5. Default

    I'll take any chance I can get to indirectly tell Nexon off!

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    i love the results page

    EVERYONE who has taken it so far has said nexons customer support is horrible

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    That's what I figured.

    Someone who can get there should post it on basil and nexon if it's not already

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    Whoa, linking got fancy. Any estimates as to how long before they close the thread?

  9. Default

    I give it an hour due to combative nature of the description.

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    Considering a thread with this name: "Dear Nexon, your money hungry and its getting annoying. [sic]" got away with it, it's not that unlikely that this will survive.

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    Speaking of that site, this may amuse some of you who haven't figured out how to get to it yet;

    (Must have created a forum name to see it)

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    Not very shocked about this, but my results are close to the results that others have done.

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    What does "World Navigation" and "Value" mean in this survey?
    Average results are way more generous than I...



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