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Thread: [GMS] [GMST] [1.02] Familiars

  1. Default [GMST] [1.02] Familiars

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    This information makes a lot more sense to me now that it's in English.

    Watch this video to get the feel of what the Familiar system is like. Total props to Shikage:

    You catch monsters, and, through questing, collect ingredients for the "Mad Scientist of Orbis Tower" (guess who?) who will teach you about Familiars.

    There are 646 familiars in the WZ files, so I don't imagine Maplestory will be running short of them anytime soon. The familiars you can collect go from as tiny as the ubiquitous Green Snail or as strong as Empress Cygnus herself.

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    Ah, just as I suspected... Headless Horseman Familiar please.

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    We got anything else in there Fiel?

    EDIT:Anything of interest*

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    I wonder if this also means our mining and accessory crafting professions are going to be fused...

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    My bad.,.. we are getting Shangai too????

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    This looks fun as hell

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    Damage looks lackluster, do any of them cast buffs or is attacking all they do?

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    I called it! Too bad I thought we'd have this by late September. Glad we got familiars though. I think it adds a bit of a new element to MapleStory. I really wonder what KMS will do now about this patch, since they nerfed their Silent Crusader stuff, and they'll probably get a nerfed version of this or something.

  10. Won't Be Coming Back

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    Hey does anyone have the download link for GMST? I lost it and it's not on the website...

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    Totally called this ever since we got Monster Book and since MSA implemented this into the game.

    I like this quote right here:

    Mmmhmm. I feel like Piccolo right now. "YES YES YES! I FEEL GREEEAAATTT!"

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    I want those Boss Ultimates next.

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  14. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
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    inb4 Empress fix is in this patch as well!

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    Alright so, This made me smile so much! xD
    Does anyone know if you can capture certain bosses?
    (wants a jr balrog badly)



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