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  1. Default [PRANK] Welcome Our Newest Moderator!

    Everyone give a round of sound to our newest Moderator, Sarah!

    She'll be assisting Mira in determining Rules & Regulations changes and appeals.

    Last edited by Eos; 2011-10-02 at 10:38 PM.


  3. In my dreams... Gay Male
    IGN: CalmSonata
    Server: YMardiaCK
    Level: 200
    Job: Phantom
    Guild: Kinetic/Ceremonials
    Alliance: Southperu
    Farm: GagaVille


    Well, congrats. Completely and totally unexpected.




  7. Default

    And here I was thinking you had quit or something.
    Well, I trust Eos.

    Also, my siggy now has new meaning.

  8. Default

    She goes with a bang, that's awesome.


  10. Default

    BAM, bitch, BAM.

  11. Default

    I can't even please our new queen, I'm such a shame.

  12. Default

    Eos isn't our queen anymore?

  13. Certified Pimento Bi Male
    IGN: xxxxFenixR
    Server: Bera
    Level: Mix
    Job: Severals
    Guild: None
    Alliance: Nada
    Farm: Wut?


    Oh Hell. hide your L***

  14. Default

    Like Hell I'm not. She's a Princess. Rick is my Queen.

  15. Default

    what the fuck

    i really need to start paying more attention to what goes on around here


  17. Default

    meh i usually am thinking the same thing but my low attention span just pineapples me over as usual

  18. Default

    I was surprised when I first heard about this. But after Eos filled me in with his reasoning for doing it, well, it's a sound idea. I do find it fairly interesting that Eos likes to appoint anti-authoritarian people to a position of authority.

    +1 Supporter of Sarah

  19. Default

    If you can't beat them, Recruit them! Maybe Viaje will be next...

  20. Default

    I take back what I said earlier.
    Have you been falling off any buildings lately?
    Eating any strange mushrooms?



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