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Thread: Hulu embed tags

  1. Default Hulu embed tags

    NOTE: The Hulu embedded video will only appear to those living in America. This is not my choice, but a choice decided by Hulu itself. If you're going to post a Hulu embedded video, please put "[Hulu]" in the topic title. Thanks!

    I'm sure many of you guys are fans of the ever-popular Southperry now supports Hulu embedding tags.

    To use, go to and begin viewing a video you enjoy. Move your mouse within the video, and you will see several options appear on both sides of the video. Click on "Embed" in the upper left corner. A screen will come out with a lot of HTML tags, but there's only one thing you need to pay attention to.

    Copy the embedding tag like so:


    And you should see something like this. Enjoy.


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    EDIT: nvm. like Youtube, but only for America.

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    ehhh i still like youtube.... Hulu has to many friggin advertisements

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    I have honestly never heard of Hulu before, and I live in America. Oh well, I'll just leave it blocked by NoScript, anyways. Haha

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    Me neither. Based on that video you posted, I think I'll stick to Youtube.

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    It's not "like Youtube".

    They have LICENSED AND LEGAL material on there. The thing Fiel posted was a full episode of Family Guy. You might be able to find a full episode of Family Guy on Youtube, but I assure you, it won't be licensed. Looks as though they also have FULL MOVIES THERE, COMPLETELY LEGALLY.

    For example:

    I just bought that thing on Blu-ray for 20 bucks, and here it is, for free, legally streaming on the Internet. Not 1080p, but it is roughly the quality I'd get on basic cable.

    Not a fan of Fifth Element? How about Ghostbusters? Looking for something a little more classic? How about Some Like it Hot?

    You guys suck if you don't like websites like this. They've got tons of network TV, some cable, and full movies too. How the pineapple could you denigrate this? It looks like they don't like movies being embedded, but so what? It's still an amazing service regardless.

    ps for you weeaboo jerkoffs out there:

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    Lol I was pretty much with you until you had to go and be a typical papaya. Weeaboo jerkoff? I guess if you have to run others down to make yourself feel better/cooler, go for it. I guess not all of us have grown up yet. But dang, I am at least SO GLAD you took the time to consider us weeaboo jerkoffs and provide that link!

    And yeah, why would I ever need Hulu? Who the heck cares if it's LEGAL? I have countless other places where I find whatever I need to watch, whenever I want to watch it. If I get directed to Hulu to watch something, I wouldn't hesitate. But Hulu blows. I spent some time checking it out, and its selection is terrible for what's relevant to my interests. It has almost none of the shows I watch. I don't like the site, and its content is seriously lacking. BUT AT LEAST IT'S LEGAL, RIGHT? No, screw that. I couldn't care less.

    But disregard that; I'm a weeaboo jerkoff who sucks because I think this site is worthless. I am glad you got to make another post that flaunted your always-right, elitist opinion!

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    Only in America? :')

    And they still wonder why people still download that stuff for free via other sources with 1mb/sec... H.264 rips ftw! :')

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    United States only?

    No thanks D:

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    I've never even heard of Hulu until now.

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    Excuse my ignorance, but could you explain to me why the full movies on Hulu are legal?

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    Because the movies are licensed by NBC, a local broadcaster in the USA, that owns the digital rights to the media.

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    I see. That would explain the whole: "USA only" ordeal.

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    You might say I'm only saying this because I'm outside America, but I think Hulu shouldn't be used on a forum thats intended for all countries. It's like shoving a huge box of donuts in our face and saying "sorry, you can't have any, only these people can". Sure we don't have to visit Hulu, but you don't have to put it in front of us either and make us feel bad because we miss out.

    /end rant.

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    Like donation features, like my usertitle.

    donator shiet: 'hey look at this, isnt it cool. but you cant have it unless you pay'

    hulu: 'hey look at this, isnt it cool. but you cant watch it unless you live in america'

    different extremes, same idea.

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    Considering I haven't heard of it, nor has anyone else I've known, You can hardly call it popular. Just drop hulu. We have no use for it.

    also there's no point in region restrictions because someone can always just proxy it. good job hulu.
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    If you're that much in desire of seeing the Hulu content, I don't imagine it would be that difficult to get a proxy that would let you see it.



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