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  1. Default Emergency Upgrade

    Auditing last night's logs I discovered an attempt to download every user's email and hashed password, one by one. I can't tell for certain whether they were able to succeed, I'm hoping that due to the nature of the error it was triggering they didn't/couldn't, but can not rely on vBulletin's security to have actually prevented it since it was a (another) hole in their search code that allowed the attack in the first place.

    I upgraded to the newest version that had the search engine patched, but due to the hasty nature of the upgrade we're once again experiencing the pain of things going wonky from version conflicts. I'll be working to address those as I can, and looking for pieces of code that fell out.

    All users are undergoing mandatory password changes again for their own safety, and it's recommended any of you that are using the same password in your email or anywhere else change that as well as a precaution.

    Known Broken Bits: Buttons, Smilies, Editor Buttons, Private Message Expansions from the Market, Users Online missing, editing posts is once again not saving via AJAX, lots of random jacked up crap, I know.

  2. Default

    Said it before, but I'm saying it again. Loving the new reply UI. and the Auto-Save.

    If you had to upgrade and things became wonky with the conflicting codes, does that mean we have to go through everything and re-test certain things just in case?

    I'd hate to have to check on things such as the reputation system

  3. Default

    This isn't an official content release, this is an emergency release so everyone is testing it, unfortunately.

    It looks like there were about 20 templates that failed to upgrade automatically so this is probably going to take most of Thursday to sort out properly.

  4. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
    IGN: Musiphe
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 277
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Epic
    Alliance: Fatal


    Was wondering why I had to change my password again. pomegranate's getting real now

  5. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
    Corn's Avatar [Jr. Event Coordinator]

    IGN: ClawofBeta
    Server: LoL.NA
    Level: 30
    Job: Bot Lane
    Guild: N/A
    Alliance: N/A


    The font looks...different. But I know it's the same. Weird.

    IGN: ThatWasMyKil
    Server: Bera
    Level: 203
    Job: Battle Bishop
    Guild: Inspired
    Alliance: Virtus


    inb4adura :D

  7. Default

    Is it normal if all buttons show blank on the new reply UI? Also, @corn, the font is different while typing to reply at least.

  8. Default

    Hacker/exploiters/cheaters...criminals make me so mad.

  9. Default

    On the bright side it looks to have been a random malicious harvesting bot, not a specific user.

    Edits should be working right now...

  10. Default

    Shit sucks.

    Oh, well. At least you caught it and were able to deal with it before (at least apparent) account hackings took place.

  11. Default

    Do a hard refresh.

  12. Default

    I don't know if this is included in known issues as buttons but yeah the Settings button at the top is missing. Better safe than sorry.

    edit: Jon says it's fixed but it's still not there for me after hard refresh.

  13. Default

    I don't think it exists in the new version. Someone's redundancy wish appears to have been granted, at least partially.

  14. In my dreams... Gay Male
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 215
    Job: Hoyoung
    Alliance: KATYPERRY


    I meant that the reply UI buttons are fixed, but the settings link is missing its text.

  15. Default

    But that one wasn't redundant? That was one of the necessary ones, hahaha. It was NAME and YOUR PROFILE that were redundant. Any way you can redirect Your Profile?

  16. Default

    Doesn't notifications go there already?

  17. In my dreams... Gay Male
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 215
    Job: Hoyoung
    Alliance: KATYPERRY


    There's that huge space between Your Profile and Log Out because the <a href="/usercp.php"></a> is still there, but there's no text.

    Well... yes, but that takes TWO clicks. haha



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