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  1. Default MapleStatus - Update

    This is a recap of the other two threads.

    Global MapleStory status is now available here on site, updated regularly.
    The button appears up top in our navbar with a color code indicating overall health
    • Green: No problems found
    • Yellow: At least one channel is experiencing issues
    • Red Blinking: The login servers are down

    Clicking the link will take to the itemized page here within Southperry.

    For those of you who want to share this with your friends and other sites you may do so by linking to SP where possible, but for those sites that prohibit any reference to us, or for those of you who prefer a "cleaner" status page, you can also access this information at:

    Both pages are devoid of any mention of Southperry, any links to Southperry or anything but stylistic elements that hint at Southperry, so should be safe to share in most places as a non-competing resource.
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    i must say, i am amazed at the fact that you don't take the stance of "don't like us, don't get it"

  3. Default

    I like the chinchillas on maplestatus.

  4. DUCKS
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    It's not a rainbow yet, Eos. I request that the Site Rules is pink, and that the Support us via Amazon-tag is lime.

    Though - I'd rather like it if it's not green (just blue - no need to give focus to the button if nothing's wrong) when nothing's wrong, but I can tweak that to my needs.

  5. Default

    Being insular only hurts yourself.

  6. Default

    Tell that to North Korea.
    Last I heard, they were doing fine over there.

  7. Default

    Begging for resources from other countries even while they're trying to pick fights would imply otherwise.

  8. Default

    Any word on there being a new sort of Sunshine Policy? They could really use that.

  9. Default

    Nope, it was declared an absolute failure. I don't see it coming back any time soon.

  10. Default

    lol why do the newer servers get 20 channels while others need it the most? Nexon, you're so strange.

    Those chinchillas might scare some people away!

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    TBH I'm thinking you should input some more "Southperry stylistic" elements to those websites.

  12. Default

    I always find those obnoxious and condescending. What percentage of users really can't figure out how to bookmark a site on their own but can play an MMO and find the site?

    Because Nexon bought better hardware for the new servers (and took into account the fewer players) and have each physical server running six to eight channel daemons (only three boxes per world) instead of 10 boxes with 2 channels each (actually 9x2 + 1x1 for CH1).

  13. Default

    Is anyone else excitedly looking at the colour to see if it's changed each time they switch pages?

  14. Default

    I am, but I don't count.

  15. Default

    All in your head

  16. Default

    Can you put a color key on the bottom?
    I mean it's pretty standard that green = good, red = bad, but it'd be nice to have it up just for conveniences sake.



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