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    ...why do you have to take the fun out of everything?
    Anyhow, once this gets to GMS, people will get shielding wards and EE the heck out of their GM perfectly scrolled items. That alone will get us to 250 or 300 on a lot of items.

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    Looks like you are still missing a few option types.
    This list was based of Cyannes' work:

    10: Weapons only
    11: Armor and accessories only
    20: Armor and kataras only
    40: Accessories only
    51: Hats only
    52: Tops and overalls only
    53: Bottoms only
    54: Gloves only
    55: Shoes only
    90: Unknown

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    So for this new tier would we need to get 121+ equips?

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    No. It isn't a new level bracket like the old VIP weapons were a part of (121+). Its a new rarity level past Unique.

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    No, I'm sorry to say, the soul reason is the money.

    For those where mesos come easy, it is not a problem to cube and then toss the item away later for those who can't afford the new tiers.
    Cubing is not really a money less, I'd advise you to cube.

    Lately I haven't been trying to get past epic if I had to cube anything, excluding weapons, because smithing does it for you essentially.
    It's so broken it isnt even funny.

    20%s + 8 enhances already gives 250+ for ele staffs, and very close for any other weapon.

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    Three questions about this.
    What color is Legendary?
    Are the values listed only for 3rd tier equips (As in 1st and 2nd tier equips wont be able to get 12% STR even if they are Legendary)?
    Does +Skill stack with CO (Useful or Paladin's)? If so, 0 second cool-down on Heaven's Hammer anyone?

    It seems like this is going to be very good for players willing to afford it though, I might get one or two equips like my sword to Legendary for.

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    The maximum a skill can go to (4th job) is +2 over it's max and only Combat Orders does this. +2 on all skill from potentials do stack on skills not over the skill lvl cap. eg. a paladin has 1 skill point in achilles and has a hat that gives +2 to all skills. His achilles will then become lv 3. add in Combat Orders it brings it to lv 5.

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    Aww, well I guess a 0 second cooldown on Heaven's Hammer was too good to be true. Thanks for clearing that up for me! :D

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    Any idea on how easy/hard it will be to get from Unique->Legendary? As in, will it be like Rare->Epic, Epic->Unique, in between, easier than both, or harder than both? :S

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    Or come up with a new OP system besides EE and Potential.

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    the new cubing system sucks - hard.
    I spent 19 cubes on my sword from rare to epic.
    then 319 cubes to unique.
    then 60 to get a decent potential.

    I have friends in KMS who have yet to get a legendary item with almost 100 master cubes used.

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    hi, i have some question about pool E potential status.

    Pool E

    Drop Rate +20%

    for lv which can get ?
    low lv like lv10 eq if Potential Legend , can i get the drop rate +20% ?
    or only 121+ eq ?

    pls help .

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    <Decent Haste> is for shoes Lv80 +

    my quest is
    1. Legend Potential will get what @ lv 30 below ? 6% 3% 3% ?
    2. Legend Potential to accessory @ lv 110 or below , will it get Drop Rate 10% 20% ? or only lv 121+ Legend Potential ?
    3. If Low lv eq , like mage lv33 Bottom with Legend Potential , will it get decent HB ?

    pls help
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