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    Sorry =X But it isnt false modesty...*points up* Its just that most of the archers I know have better gears than I do >_> Not only Colum, but 2 archers on my list have 118+ atk bows and all the other godly goodies along with it so... yeah. Sorry that it came across as false modesty but I was just caught up in the standards of my buddy list/archers I know =X

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    i finished reseting my points from mp into dex so here is my range, i need a better glove but i am happy overall.

    it goes
    no buffed
    MW 19
    MW 19 + warrior elixer

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    Carlos, the stats on the side (str, dex, luk, int, etc) are unbuffed, right? Like you could still reset some points from str into dex to optimize your xbow and whatnot, right?

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    yes thats unbuffed,i left it there so i can equip shiner cross with mw. just in case i make a 127+

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    IM over Str'd to hell i need to reset a ton but the 11 points i still have lost in Hp come first.

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    Don't worry Jackk!
    My range is worse
    Its to shameful to be shown to anyone.

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    been a while.


    warrior elixir:

  8. Helium Atom
    IGN: Kevvl14
    Server: Bera
    Level: 14x
    Job: Marxist
    Guild: Typoists
    Alliance: Purified


    Yay for my HP :3
    *ignores damage*
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    I have two upgrades, finally :D

    I now have +107 Dex, WITHOUT a HT pendant. Woo o_o

    EDIT: I managed to get a hold of a MW20 from someone. And this is my range with it. I have like 5 points into HP so I could HT a little early and hoping to wash that out as I level. Anyways
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    Whoa wtp. How did he get that silver deputy pendant thingy.


    I have a fail range of 1600-2600 :(

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    lol marksman

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    118? One of my friends has a 134 att nisrock. My 109 att Arund is 100% pomegranate in comparison.

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    duped pomegranate doesnt count swetty

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    1. I am a guy. I played a girl character because I got sick of 11 year old girls flirting with me, and I felt less disgusting rejecting 11 year old horny boys, (because I am straight,) than I did rejecting 11 year old horny girls, (which made me feel like a pedophile.) Since I never hid the fact that I am a guy from tangible friends, bl or guild, I seldom had problems with this arrangement. I have never had this issue on forums, but I guess I should put it in my sig.

    2. I didn't see him actually scroll it so it may be duped. He claims he got the first 5 slots to go off using dark scrolls and then used white scrolls for the last two slots. I've known other legits who got 5 30s to go off, so that is a plausible story, assuming he actually has the funds to white scroll the last two slots and to scroll enough bows that 5 30s go off using dark scrolls. iZeai on my server scrolled so much that he actually ended up with TWO such items: a 42 dex, 2 slot Ades, and a 114, 2 slot Dark Metus. No one to the best of my knowledge has ever accused iZeai of hacking, but he did nuke both items using 30s as he quit Maple.

    As to how rich this guy is... he's always got 2 shops in ch 1 fm 1, (one for him, one for his girlfriend,) and during that NX sale a while back he managed to buy 8 14 day Mush Houses on sale, and through his connections he put all 8 in ch 1 fm 1... at once. He's currently a lvl 16x NL, but he trained as of like lvl 55 on Himes using Onyx Apples every 10 minutes, and Hyper Body from a DK to survive hits.

    I think at the point where you're rich enough to afford Onyx Apples every 10 minutes of training, you might actually have enough money for the amount of White Scrolls it would take to scroll a perfect item.

    Of course, I didn't actually see the scrolling, so it is possible the 134 nisrock is a dupe, but as I know these things about him, I personally think his item is legit.
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    i beleive santa exist.

    at this age pretty much every perfect weapon is duped, his MIGTH be legit, but it probably isnt.

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    A bit suspicious dont you think? An "underpriced" "perfect" nisrock being sold in a mule for 1 bill. That combined with the fact that b0wjob is in Khaini has me a bit wary on it. What are the odds of someone scrolling an EXACT same bow as this person, who incidently had the bow in there for the price of a 115 atk metus? You tell me.

    I'd love to believe you but Im gonna have to side with Carlos on this one: The odds of him buying that bow and then claiming he scrolled it is a bit too high for my liking =X

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    Actually, that is the same bow. And no, I can't explain it; so I am just going to concede your point.

    Josh, (b0wJob) hasn't been able to play in Khaini for quite some time now due to moving to another country and being IP blocked. So this is an old SS... since before I quit.

  18. Helium Atom
    IGN: Itachi54647
    Server: Broa
    Level: 7x
    Job: low-dex Hermit
    Guild: Affliction
    Alliance: Om-nom-nom


    Are the item tags, (like BSUCLA's) from the Cash Shop?
    ...and why would you want them?

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    In my opinion, who cares where the bow came from and how it was made. Also who cares what counts and what doesn't. Let people be damage whores and let them have duped items if that's what it takes for them to have fun in the game. Everyone has different ways to enjoy the game, and that's pretty much all that matters when you break it down. Accept the fact that there are duped perfect items in the game.

    With that said let's see more damage ranges people. I wish I could post mine with a Horntail Pendant Egged, but it's difficult to get a pendant here in Bera. You need that "hook up" to get one.



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