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    I don't know what the details are in the online stores that Valve has mentioned, but the particular details that interest me are how much of a cut users make when they submit content.

    Given the amount of great skin ideas that the LoL community has turned up, I wouldn't be surprised if the DotA folks come up with even more things to pass out. Imho, I think Valve can get away with having all heroes unlocked and still have healthy profit margins, but on the flip side of the coin, they can generate much more profit if they forced users to pay for the heroes in one way or another.

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    I dunno about that, organized DotA play uses -cm and -rd modes almost exclusively. DotA is designed and balanced as an eSport, and the system LoL uses with leveling and unlocking heroes just doesn't fit. Unlocking heroes would feel like having to unlock units in Starcraft.

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    I played on the ICCup servers, and there was a ranking system there. Leaving a game prematurely made you lose double points, and it worked pretty well to discourage leaving.

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    Yea, sounds like a pretty neat system, and it's a game you'll have to buy so leaves sticking to it might be a good thing. I hope it'll be like in HoN where pre-game you can see the statistics of people in the game, like their leave-% and such.

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    It seems they're going to adapt a TF2 style of paying (just my speculation). I mean, the TF2 free with shop obviously works, so why not?

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    I hope that it wont be F2P, i want it to atleast have some sort of price due to leavers and just making new accounts and the likes ):

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    inb4 getting banned on DotA 2 also bans your steam account :P

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    I found it funny how LoL was like "HOLY pomegranate WHAT THE pineapple!?" and HoN was like "Dude, what gives?"

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    That gif is highly inaccurate. There is no way LoL and HoN would be having a civil discussion.

    I dusted off TFT today and tried playing DotA vs AI and I realized there are a few UI updates I'd really like to see in DotA2:
    - mana bars + buff/debuff icons over players
    - combat log
    - cooldown indicators in number form

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    Considering it's a Valve game, they'd probably handle it the same way they handle banned accounts for TF2, whatever that way is.

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    They showed more heroes. On their new login screen.
    Pudge looks like a sumo wrestler. Oh I miss the old hero models for some heroes.

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    Parents' decided to extend the vacation time from the 15th to the 18th, I'mma end up missing some matches cause of this

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    UI is clearly still in beta form, but it's looking to shape up rather well.

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    Looks soo good.
    Why are there 6 boxes for skills? Is it for some heroes that have the secondary skill?

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    Still a beta UI, but i guess yea.

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    There are 6 boxes for skills in DotA as well
    This screen shows all 6 skill slots being used by Nevermore (Raze takes up 3).

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    Oh. I see how that works. I forgot about Nevermore's need for all slots. I was thinking more on the lines of Kunkka.
    How do you guys think of the new models? Some of the models are iffy yet some have come out really good. I feel as if the map's greenery should have more textures.



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