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  1. Default (Here's some sugar, Europe.) Thread of free stuff and bargains.

    I'm going to post here whenever I find a gaming offer that's too good to refuse (it might include SUPER BARGAINS) so that SP is aware and I encourage anyone else who finds any to do the same.

    Right now, if you register on you'll get a voucher for a bunch of PS3/PSN goodies. FREE. Also pre-ordering Ratchet and Clank all-4-one will net you different weapons depending on where you pre-order. Kind of lame but I think it's really just early access to them rather than THE ONLY CHANCE TO GET THEM EVER.

    What do I post here?

    Free stuff! Relevant to games, of course. Indie games, regular games. Whatever. Use the Ratchet and Clank example above.
    Bargains! If Amazon or something is having a blowout on certain games, please let us know. Because, well, who doesn't like to save money?
    Pre-Orders that will save people money. Sometimes a game comes out with DLC attached to a pre-order that would otherwise cost a lot of money. If you know about something like that, you can let us know. Just try to be aware of the content. FPS games tend to have bonus weaponry that never comes on sale as DLC--that should not be posted.

    What don't I post here?
    Pre-order bonuses. Specifically soundtracks, art books, etc. While those are great deals, it's not going to really hurt anyone if they miss it. Any pre-order bonus that will not be available commercially should be avoided.
    Game related merchandise like t-shirts, dolls, whatever. Unless it's free. Then tell us. Because I would kill for a free moogle doll.

    Freeware Games for your keyboard mashing pleasure - A Ninja Platformer recommended by NoJobNoRules.
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    Special pre-order bonuses based on where you pre-order the game is something that's been used a lot in recent games and usually, they are the only way you will get those items. You used to get little goodies like strategy guides for pre-ordering a game but the marketing people figured out that giving people in-game bonuses that you can't get through normal gameplay is more effective at 1. getting people to buy the game and 2. advertising to people where they got the game. It's a dirty way to get people to place more pre-orders and you're just helping to promote the strategy by posting about it. I think it's a great idea for a thread but please don't post about pre-order bonuses. I mean, they're not really free, anyway.

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    Passed along the message about the free PSN stuff, that sounds like good stuff to have.

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    The pre-bonus stuff was mentioned because it was relevant to Ratchet and Clank. I had no intention of posting about pre-order bonuses unless they were relevant to a game that was also giving out free stuff.

    The theme, 4 avatars and 4 Home items are completely free.

    edit: beyond that, this isn't just about free stuff but bargains too. While pre-order bonuses may not be appropriate, deals like the Assassin's Creed Revelations free upgrade to Signature Edition if you pre-order at gamestop now is a completely legitimate reason to post, because that will save people who may intend to buy the game money (Signature Edition includes bonus stuff like Assassin's Creed: Embers which will be available on the PSN/XBox Store sometime after the release of AC:R but will cost money to buy alone)

    Canada, The States

    The thread isn't just about free stuff, it's about making people aware of great things. But yeah, try to avoid regular pre-order bonuses like items in games that won't ever be available to anyone but those who pre-order (isn't the case with either of the things I've posted). Soundtracks, artbooks, etc, don't belong here. Not an advertisement thread.

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    I thought we were going to discuss freeware/indie games...

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    Added some guidelines, just for you Dusk.

    While I understand your point, I kind of feel like pre-order bonuses are something that matters to some people. But most of the time it's not relevant so we'll just keep it out of this thread unless it's a great deal.

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    For me, that is inaccurate. :(

    Also, if you're fine with EA's new Origin store, Mirror's Edge is $5.

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    Too bad games expire

  10. Default

    Also, the current weekend deal on Steam is Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines for $5, and it is an amazing game that you should all buy.

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    Found this freeware ninja platformer.

    Trailer is in the link. Game is meant to be difficult; I've gotten to Stage 3 and had to take a break.

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    Hey guys! Intend to purchase a 3DS when the price drops? How about if you could do it TOMORROW and get the free games while still saving $80?

    Wal-marts across the US have dropped the price already, according to Kotaku. That's $80 saved and around $120 in free games. That's a $200 bargain for $170! That's pretty freaking good. You should swing by your local wal-mart tomorrow and see if you can get in on this.

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    Hot damn, I'd go to Walmart first thing in the morning if I even had $200 sitting in my bank account right now.

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    It's worse when you have it and you can't spend it. Like me. Fffff-...

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    I'm thinking that freeware indie games should have their own thread, if you want to talk about them. They're not really "bargains" because they're free to begin with (and if you let me talk about them, I will never stop).

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    Thank you sarah. Hopefully i can find a wal-mart around here.

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    Me too. Ffffuuuuu-



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