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    Blame Danny and his hate for Gust Drive.

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    Ok here's a few question regarding your macro'ing tactic, and hope you can help me a out a little here pal. So yea as you said I need to macro the skill Leap Tornado and Gust Drive, how exactly do you mean to macro them? Do you put the skill Leap Tornado twice in the macro button? Like Leap Tornado, Leap Tornado as a macro? Or you have to fill them 3 up with all Leap Tornado in one macro? Thats the confusing part. And also what about the Gust Drive macro, how exactly do i need to lay it out? Can you explain or take a SS of your Macro window so I know what to put exactly to use these skills efficiently. Thanks!

    So after the rolling moonsault and leap tornado combo, is it still possible to activate the gust drive macro? Do we have that much air time to perform all those? And also how did the Gust Drive>Lightning Edge> Charge Drive links work out for you? I hope you can share all your knowledge so far with me so I can enjoy my mercedes at her best :)

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    LT + LT is the macro that should be used. You'll never get the 3rd LT off in normal situations.

    I wouldn't worry about gust dive macros because it sucks. Seriously, just use rush to move stuff.

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    yea but i still want to find out how ot works for JoeTang and hopefully he can show me a SS of his Macro lay out

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    You put Leap Tornado on a single slot on its own macro and the same for Gust Drive. Jump into the air and press Leap Tornado a few times while you're going up and it should activate twice. Having it on a macro guarantees it will activate when you reach the required height, and since it pushes you upwards, it gives you enough height to still be high enough to use it again. The second time it doesn't push you upwards though. If you press it once while you're rising, and then press Gust Drive's macro in the middle of Leap Tornado, you should use Gust Drive immediately after Leap Tornado ends.

    While you're doing Rolling Moonsault, press the Leap Tornado macro once and you should perform it once you're done Rolling Moonsault. While you're doing Leap Tornado, you can push (spam) the Gust Drive macro to perform it afterwards. If you time it wrong, it may not work, but it's fairly easy to perform. You can change directions with Gust Drive here as well.

    Gust Drive links to Lightning Edge, and Lightning Edge links to Charge Drive, but it's not particularly useful unless you're only traveling across a distance and either don't care that monsters you're going through die or not, or you can guarantee they die after the Lightning Edge since Lightning Edge does not rush targets. It still provides 100% invincibility though, and is marginally faster. Nothing significant.

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    Hmm thanks for the explanation. Do you mind taking a SS of your macro key settings though JoeTang?

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    I already described exactly what my macro looks like.

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    Ok so it will be like this, for the leap tornado macro it will look like:

    leap tornado, leap tornado, blank

    and for the gust drive, it will be like:

    gust drive, gust drive, blank

    Like that? If thats right then i got it , thanks.

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    Well now that they fixed gust dive i have not been missing any mobs other than the ones my elemental knight hits, too bad I cant get anymore sp resets to do the modified decent combat orders build, unless i buy the ones in cs... But once theybgive out full resets I am totally modifying my build to max all my skills.

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    Why in the Pineapple would you Max Charge Drive and not Cross Piercing in the second job?! Charge drive ruins the purpose of archers, which is to shoot things until they die!

    And don't give me that "Mobility" junk. It was a good argument for the Brawler, but not for the Flash Jumping Mercedes.

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    Tell me, which move do you use more in 4th job: Charge Drive, or cross piercing? There's your answer. Cross Piercing is worthless the second you hit 3rd job. There's no reason to max it, ever.

    Also, way to bump a thread that hasn't been posted on in over 9 months.

  12. Default Mercedes SP Build.

    Also way to actually type out pineapple instead of pineapple lol

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    I'm pretty sure I'm going to get ninja'd by the two others currently reading this thread but...

    You will never use Cross Piercing past 2nd Job. I may even argue that if you do use it during 2nd Job for any extended period of time, you may be training at the wrong place. But I won't go that far since I don't know what type of funding people have or play style they enjoy. With its non-homing, linear attacking it is far outclassed by Strike Dualshot immediately.

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    @Locked, look at the bravery on this one.

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    I rate this a 4.5 on the Sagan-O-Meter.

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    Is there a modified skill build for post tempest?

    I would assume the skills still have the same priority, so it'll just end up being different levels that you max the skills.

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    I maxed Cross Piercing just to spite you guys.

    It's not like Charge Drive works on anything that you can't 1hko anyway, everything's pseudo-bosses these days.

    Plus like the guy said, it's a bowman, why would you use a skill that puts you face to face with the monster.

    p.s. Cross Piercing is way better than Stunning Strikes.



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