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    He copy pasted the skill descriptions from Max's blog lol



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    In my experience, Piercing beats out Charge Drive in dealing with KSers.
    Charge Drive is just so, so slow!
    When it comes to map domination, Piercing lets you stay on the move better.

    I still have Piercing at level 1, and haven't had any problems holding a map.

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    Charge drive gives a lot more mobility though and it's easy to acrobatic jump out of. While I was a CDs I was out ksing 2 other people and a lv 81 canoneer just by using charge drive and acrobatic jump.

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    Love the comments on that basil thread lol.

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    My password is 1197 days old lol.

    -I just wanted to ask, it says this can't be posted on sw or basil. Is there something you can do to delete it or something? This is a serious question I just found the thread on basil cause I've returned to make a Mercedes, and I saw a post saying it was stolen from SP.

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    All he/we can do is report the pomegranate out of it.
    It's plagiarism which is rule 5 of lolbasil.
    Hopefully a mod will look at it sometime when Akyrium comes out.

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    I agree with this. FJ spamming with jumpcasted Pierce kills a lot faster than Drive at CDs. That delay after Drive is horrible, and you can move that distance easily and with more control if you spam pierce instead.

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    Even if Piercing Storm doesn't curve?

    Oh, and another thing. I put Rising Rush on a macro, so every time I jumped and casted, it activated immediately when I landed.

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    I don't see what that has to do with how it is more useful than Charge Drive.

    You're so clever.

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    lol @ the Basil topic getting closed down.

    Also what's the timeframe between Charge Drive and Final Shot?
    Most of the time when I tried casting FS immediately after CD I would get the "Skill cannot be used by itself".

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    Just so you all know, Leap Tornado, and Gust Drive should both be on their own macro keys. If you macro Leap Tornado, you can double cast it in a single jump, and execute it immediately after Rolling Moonsault. If you're really good, you can use it immediately after an Acrobatic Jump and travel just as fast across the map while attacking. You can also use Leap Tornado after using Stylish Move up a rope, but you can also press the macro while you're climbing and the second you get to the top, you'll Leap Tornado without jumping. There are some maps with ramps that you can spam Leap Tornado on without needing to jump. I recall an area at Blue Dragon Turtles on the right, on the thorned branch, and in El Nath at the Yeti/Lycanthrope maps I was able to do it on the bridges.
    Gust Drive is important to be used immediately after this Leap Tornado or after Rolling Moonsault to maintain 100% invincibility frames. I don't know if it's just me but I can't use Charge Drive after Gust Drive if I have it on a macro. It won't autoexecute after landing, and I can't spam the key to activate it either.

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    I just mash my hotkey while the CD animation is still going.

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    And basil still had it stickied...

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    So this was his response:

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    @Joe: I can link it with charge drive, but the thing is that doing that will not allow charge drive to rush all the monsters to one side. Furthermore, charge drive must be pressed immediately after Gust Drive (during the GD animation), so I can't delay the skills a bit ala Dual Blade's Flying Assaulter -> Tornado Spin.

    I'm thinking, perhaps getting more jump will delay GD (more airtime) enough to give CD the space of time necessary to rush all the monsters properly. I don't have jump equips though, so can't test it. =\

    edit: tested by jumping off platforms various times. GD-> CD does seem to work properly when GD is pressed high on the air (the GD animation kind of gets stuck in the air for a moment and CD activates when the character touches the ground). So I think it's probable that getting more jump will allow people to do GD->CD properly. Which pretty much turns Mercedes into a Dual Blade without the high damaging assaulter. High kick demolition makes up for that though...

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    When I first tried this in the town of Magatia, it worked just as you said. But when I tried training with it in nearby maps, it didn't double cast. I returned to Magatia to try it again, but it still didn't work. Any explanation for this?

    EDIT: Hmm, I think I found my problem. It appears that Booster has to be on for it to work.

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    Yes, it requires Booster.

    After Gust Drive, you have to spam Charge Drive for it to activate correctly and it doesn't allow me to do this with a macro hotkey for some reason. Otherwise, you get a huge delay if you try and don't activate Charge Drive correctly. You can push the Gust Drive macro immediately after jumping, and it will activate when you reach the required height, but macros tend not to work if you're pushing any other button at the same time, so try not to hold down the arrow keys while you're jumping, or if you are, spam the pomegranate out of the Gust Drive macro.
    After Rolling Moonsault/Leap Tornado, if you hold down left or right, and spam Gust Drive's macro, you can change directions in midair.
    Gust Drive also links into Lightning Edge, and Lightning Edge links into Charge Drive, and they should execute faster because of this. I haven't researched how much delay is cut out though, but I'm looking into it. I didn't actually know this until a few minutes ago and I'll try it out on KMS to see if it's anything special.

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    Aww, I missed all of the trolling fun.



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