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  1. Default [1.2.396] Demon Slayer (2)

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    The special Cap in the Character spoiler has some Demon Slayer (III) and Demon Slayer (IV) benefits. For these classes, it also increases All Stat +5, Speed +10, and Crit Probability +5%.

    (PvE) Skill Changes




  2. In my dreams... Gay Male
    Server: Reboot
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    Fourth job advance monsters? Or maybe skill quest-related?

  3. Default

    Does the demon hunter hat have the same properties of the Mercedes hat?
    and the black scroll seems interesting but google translate fails me

  4. Default

    Seems they nerfed the finishers in damage/delay and in forcecon, but demon slash was buffed. Every single skill now consumes HP too.

  5. Default

    It's a clean slate scroll that recovers two slots instead of one, at least, I think it is.

  6. Default

    The mob's name is "Past Me", I think to show that Demon Slayer changes over the course of the storyline.
    Yes, except for an extra 5% crit chance.

  7. Default

    I dunno man, poison breath was kinda strong as f'uck.

  8. Default

    More of a buff in overall DPS it would appear. Demon Explosion was the FSAOE, guess they felt it was too strong.

  9. Default

    That hat is an obvious hot time reward. lol

  10. Default

    Here's some things I noticed from this patch:

    Clear picture of the Demon Slayer's pendant

    Even Orca's bodyguards can't keep the paparazzi away...

    Will the Black Magician finally appear?

  11. Default

    No. It's not a rabbit.

    Looks like Demon Slash went from 600ms+600ms+480ms+600ms to 570ms + 570ms + 360ms + 510ms, but there may be other factors that lower the delays involved in the skills as the data suggests, though I don't see any logical reason for this.

  12. Water
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    If that old guy is not the Black Mage..he has to be the 3rd major boss we will face. Must be the commander of the black wings who takes direct orders from The Black Mage.

  13. Flatpanel TV
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    Quite possibly. Look at that map of the Maple World in the distance. There's a strange, evil, burgundy-colored cloud over Edelstein, Leafre, and Western Victoria Island.

  14. Default

    1. Take fire.
    2. Put to paper.
    3. ????
    4. Strange, evil, burgundy-coloured clouds.

  15. Default

    That's another one of the Generals of his army. Not sure how to romanize his name though... Akyrum? Ahkairum? Something like that.

  16. Flatpanel TV
    IGN: Me
    Server: Life
    Level: 17
    Job: Working Hard
    Guild: Doing Good
    Alliance: For the Earth



    Well, we already know that the Black Wings have taken over Edelstein, but the clouds over Leafre and Western Victoria could possibly signal something new.


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