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  1. Default Terry Pratchett is Committing Suicide

    Seems odd none of you mentioned this;

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    I don't even know who the heck this guy is.

    But alas, suicide. It's a shame that a lot of people go through this despite what options we have in life.

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    My grandmother has Alzheimer's. I don't think she ever contemplated suicide. Even if she did, she'd probably forget about it 5 minutes later >_>.

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    It's interesting hearing about this news not too long after Jack Kevorkian passed away.

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    I think the whole point is he feels he doesn't have any options, considering the incurable disease that ravages any sense of identity and all.

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    Sure is options in here.

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    Like i said, lolwut.

    Nett, you furreal with dat understanding of degenerative brain diseases?

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    Not exactly what I was going for.

    Probably should've avoided this thread.

    Apparently it was read I was talking about Alzheimer's. I was not. I meant suicide.

    Can't comment on how a guy's life is going when I don't anything about him. I think I'm gonna take my leave from this thread.

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    My great aunt has alzheimers. Shes in her early 90s, and is perfectly healthy aside from the alzheimers. She lives in a nursing home now, because it's so bad. She doesn't even know who I am, and she was a big part of my life when I was younger.

    I think shes at the point where if she thought of suicide she'd forget about it five minutes later. But really, what's the joy of living if you can't live?

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    Indeed. One problem with Alzheimer's is that the point at which the person's life becomes not worth living (at least as Pratchett seems to consider it right now, when he is still able to make movies and write books and give interviews) is the point at which they lose the ability to realize that and commit suicide.

    Unless his signing the forms now means giving some trusted loved one permission to kill him when the time comes, he will not suicide.

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    Everyone who commented knew what you meant and responded accordingly. We aren't responding out of a misunderstanding.

    >Starting the process. He is just getting it ready.

    He can have someone else finalize it if he gets far enough to where he can't. He may decide to never go through with it.

    The Swedish laws for assisted/Doctor enabled suicide are much different than anywhere else in the world.

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    wrong button.

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    Ah damn. I love Terry Pratchett's books.

    This'll be a shame...

    EDIT: For those who aren't aware, Terry Pratchett is the author of the Discworld book series.

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    He isn't going to kill himself tomorrow, for f'ucks sake.

    Do i seriously need to explain the purpose of the consent forms?

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    No. I'm just saying him committing suicide in general is a shame.

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    When the time comes, "he" won't really be "him."

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    Which is part of what makes this so sad for me.

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    So then the fact that he's chosen an early termination doesn't actually affect anything. When he has succmed completely or completely enough to Alzheimer's, he'll be just as dead to you as if he were actually dead.

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    I think my dad is starting to get Alzheimer's :(

    I would want to die if I end up getting it, so I empathize with him.



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