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  1. Default Original Dragon Nest Thread

    They finally opened up the official site along with the forum and have a couple new posts about events and such, I personally am going to grind my heart out to level 24 for the permanent Loyal Dragon Wings. Go check out the new posts as well as the forum because Open BETA starts exactly 1 week from now, can't wait!

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    I am downloading this tomorrow, hope the installer goes up before 12 PM PST. Any good sources of information for someone that's never seen this game before?

  3. Won't Be Coming Back Male

    IGN: Biades4hire
    Server: Windia
    Level: 19x
    Job: Dual Blade


    Time to hoard good igns

  4. Default

    Try Dragon Nest Source or mmosite's Dragon Nest Forummaybe. I had a small look around during closed beta to see what to do, and they have some explanations and descriptions of builds there, though there's a lot of bad engrish going around since they're mainly China DN or Taiwan DN. You can google some skill build calculators as well.

    I think this one is up to date.

    All the good IGNs were taken over a month ago.

  5. Default

    Torn between Mercenary (easy to play) and Elementalist (I have a hard-on for elements) at the moment.


  7. Default

    So do I have to be level 24 the first day to get these loyal dragon wings? Every day we clear a dungeon at level 24 during the Open Beta phase?

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    And just so everyone is clear it was stated that closed beta testers just have to patch the client they already have, we don't have to re-download the whole thing. :)

  9. Lead Ball

    IGN: KomodoreJP
    Server: GMSKradia
    Level: 200
    Job: Kaiser
    Guild: Motown
    Alliance: Dominion


    Heh, I deleted my client. I didn't want it taking up space if I wasn't using it. Also, aren't all of our "good" names gone? Figured Nexon would have deleted our characters meaning we lost them and their names.

  10. Default

    Hench the rush of everyone wanting to be able to download the client 1 day early and so there's no "jam" and "slow dl speeds" etc the excuses run on and on through the forum. There won't be a wipe this time with open beta ends so..what you get is what you get. Also you can only create 7 chars per day per account.

  11. Default

    Oh. I never saw anything about CBT characters being deleted, so I assumed they would be kept.

    What server are we all going to play on? I'm central but I'd prefer East. Argenta sounds better than Gerrant.

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    I'll be in Gerrant, Argenta seems like it's going to be full of elitists if the Nexon forums are any indication.

  13. Lead Ball

    IGN: KomodoreJP
    Server: GMSKradia
    Level: 200
    Job: Kaiser
    Guild: Motown
    Alliance: Dominion


    I'll be Gerrant (That is East right?). Live closer to the east coast (8-9 hr drive) than west coast (3-4 day drive). JPTheMonkey is apparently offensive, so I may figure something out tomorrow after summer school. Luckily 12 PM PST is 2 PM my time. I'll be home 2 hrs after that.

  14. Default

    Both Gerrant and Argenta are East.
    Only difference is that Argenta has been adopted as the PvP server by the player-base.

  15. Default

    I'll be in Velskud. Anymore west coasters in here?

  16. Default

    Most likely I'll go Gerrant. Still unsure. Gerrant sounds baddass though, and I'm East coast. May go Velskud depending on what other members on Southperry choose. Argenta doesn't appeal to me.

  17. Default

    If that's the case, avoiding Argenta like it has VD.

    Any strong opposition to Gerrant?


  19. Default

    This is a better dn wiki:

    and not just because i've been busting my ass on it for the past month or so. It really is more complete.




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