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  1. Default [1.2.392] Mercedes updates

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    (PvE) Skill Changes





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    imba Final Attack range.

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    I guess this is a nerf? Her snipe isn't 1v1 anymore but awesome for mobs. Her aerial was nerfed in distance. Her final attack hits the entire map? Some of the delays got lowered, which is cool i guess. I guess they think high kick demolition is never strong enough.

    Also, YAY @ cannon shooter buffs.

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    They reverted Ring of ishtar, gave high kick a new animation while the old one was reused for lightning flare and that ugly dragon was switched with a beautiful fairy for water shield. satisfied.

    not a fan of this nerf but whatever. im still making a mercedes.

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    stick with your battlemage :P leave the pretty twinkly stuffs to me.

    still annoyed to what multi-snipe have become....

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    Translated changes
    Final Shot's extra extra damage on tossed monsters was removed. Was a weird thing to have in the first place. Tossed monsters take extra damage. Final Shot did extra damage to tossed monsters.

    Unicorn Spike's level description now includes its cooldown time, even though it should be constant.
    Gust Drive no longer does extra extra damage to monsters taking extra damage from Unicorn Spike.
    Elemental Knight's description is super long-winded and includes each summon's stats.
    Edge Spiral is a new skill replacing Multi-Sniping. It is a movement skill. It is not a good replacement for Multi-Sniping in bossing situations. It does not OHKO.
    -Edge Spiral: Dash through monsters in front of you, attacking them as you pass through.
    Rolling Moonsault replaced High Kick Demolition which was moved to 3rd job. It should be identical in execution except for the extra linkage it can perform.
    -Rolling Moonsault: An attack linking to Charge Drive, attack monsters in the air several times while spinning. Acrobatic Jump, Leap Tornado, and Gust Drive are usable afterwards.

    Any other description changes appear to be grammatical/syntactical fixes. The two new Elemental Knight skills have the same new read-out as the original. They hold the skill data for Flame and Shadow Spirits respectively, where the original holds the data for the Frost Spirit.

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    Wait, edge spiral is assaulter on steroids? SICK

    Rolling moonsault links into leap nado? SWEET

    I want this job a LOT more now.

  8. ☮♫♥ Gay Male
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    What are these new garbage mob things? Part of an event?

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    although i agree with you on Moonsaults variety, i still say Edge spiral is a pomegranatety change considering multi-snipe has alot more potential since edge spiral can easily be replaced(by the looks of it).

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    I too would prefer multi-snipe, but a skill to run away isn't bad either.

  11. Default

    run where ? (in zakum/ht :P)

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    Empress. Von leon. Very often do you have to run away to save your life.

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    yeah. i knew that. thats why i stated zakum and ht specifically :P ggaahh anyway, id still have to do alot of early preparations for my mercedes. blood mask, crit ring, dragon glasses, evolving ring >_>

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    Zakum is a joke and it can still be used at HT to get off his tail or something. If it can be used in the air you can use it to jump from top left to top right.

  15. Polar Bear Gay Male
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    maplestory nurse 2.0

    do want

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    Wild hunters had a snipe that was eventually removed and now the same thing has happened to mercedes...


    Wait, so now they get blade fury? >.>

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    If blade fury could link into FJ or flying assaulter lol

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    Well they already have the link skill concept.

    With these nerfs how would mercedes compare to dbs 1v1?

    Just seems strange for nexon to make a class with basically the same training style (or more efficient? can't tell right now) and stronger dpm.

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