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    Equipment Type: Dual Bow (2 handed)
    Class Type: Legend
    Primary Stat: DEX
    Secondary Stat: STR
    Damage Formula: 1.30 * (4 * DEX + STR) * (Weapon Attack / 100)

    Special Equipment:
    Mercedes sports a new equip slot for arrows. These arrows can be potentialed. The arrows are shown in the equipment spoiler below.

    The information posted here, unless otherwise noted, is gathered from the KMS version of Maplestory. As such, information added to the KMST server will not be reflected here until those changed reach KMS.



    Skill Tables

    Change Log
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  2. darkmonkey13


    I'm still not liking how the Dual Bows look.
    Charge drive seems like FATSUS, but in one move. I jelly.
    Is it Leap tornado or Leaf tornado? You put both.

  3. Default

    So the main stat for Mercedes is STR, but the Dual Bows have a rediculous amount of DEX needed to equip them. I don't get it. Is it to make them balanced?

  4. Default

    Thanks for catching that. I will be fixing various other translation issues/otherwise as the night goes on.

  5. Default

    Primary = main. Primary stat is DEX.
    Edit: never mind

  6. Default

    No problem, but I was actually convinced STR was the main stat. I was going to make one because of it, but oh well. I still prefer Cannoneers over this and also waiting on Demon Slayers.

  7. Default

    [2311]23111002/name = Unicorn Spike
    23111002/h = MP Cost: #mpCon, Max Monsters Hit: #mobCount, Damage: #damage%, Number of Hits: #attackCount, Weakening Chance: #prop%, Duration: #time sec, Damage Increase: #x%, Maximum Number of Attacks Affected: #y
    23121000/name = Ring of Ishtar
    23121000/h = MP Cost: #mpCon, Damage: #damage%, Passive Effect: Strike Dualshot Damage: +#damR%
    23121002/name = Legendary Spear
    23121002/h = MP Cost: #mpCon, Max Monsters Hit: #mobCount, Damage: #damage%, Number of Hits: #attackCount, Duration: #time sec, Defense Reduced: #x%, Cooldown Time: #cooltime sec, Passive Effect: Leaf Tornado Damage: +#damR%
    23121004/name = Ancient Spirit
    23121004/h = Active Effect: MP Cost: #mpCon, Duration: #time sec, Damage: +#damR%, Maximum HP +#emhp, Passive Effect: Ignis Lore's Evasion Rate +#prop%

    Ancient Spirit doesn't give Critical Hit Rate anymore, or it shouldn't, even though the x variable still exists on the skill (and is set to 1). Some standardization to the passive damage buffs for skills should be written with Passive Effect: [skill name] Damage: +#damR%
    I also missed a comma for Unicorn Spike the first time through. Just something for consistency. Any thoughts as to whether the "status effect" Unicorn Spike gives should be renamed? Weakening is already the term for being unable to jump which is not what this does, though the term used literally in the description states it makes the monster weaker.

    I think the description in Potential Power shouldn't use the term "fixed chance". Instead, maybe
    "Permanently increase your latent potential. Increases speed, maximum speed, and chance to avoid enemy attacks"
    as it should be a an increase to the evasion rate that's calculated from your avoid stat. i.e. you have x avoid that gives you y% chance to evade enemy attacks. Maxed Potential Power gives you 1.2y to evade enemy attacks, as opposed to y + 20% like Fake from 4th job Thieves. Unless the skill is utterly broken.

    Soul Purify doesn't heal HP or MP anymore and was renamed.
    23101003/name = Soul Infusion
    23101003/h = MP Cost: #mpCon, Duration: #time sec, Damage: +#damage%, Critical Hit Rate: +#x%

  8. darkmonkey13


    I actually thought Potential Power would increase the effect of the pot equips that you had, at first. That would be so broken...

  9. Default

    -- Added a notice to the top of the module stating that this module is dependent on information from KMS and not KMST. As such, this module will only be updated once information hits KMS.
    -- Added other weapons recently placed in KMS.

  10. Default

    Why do i get the feeling that even the Male mercedes is a female ? its just made so it can wear (M) stuff but still, is a female ?

  11. Default

    Eh, what gives you that idea? The effeminate hairstyle? The name that means lady of mercy?


    The unicorns?

  12. Default

    Actually, if the latest KMST data is any indicator, I believe you can now pick a male or female Mercedes:

  13. Default

    It's a trap!

    No, seriously. Male Mercedes looks totally female.

  14. Default

    You can still pick the previous eyes, if that makes it any better. xd

  15. Default

    It's an elf, what did you expect?

  16. Default

    this. i mean. even the cutscene where she freezes shows a female mercedes.

  17. Default

    Delicious trap~~~ I think if I ever make a Mercedes (if GMS survives until they come out), I'm definitely making a male one.

  18. Default

    Ofc, Aran is supposed to be male, but is shown as a female several times (especially in KMS, who seem to not have problems with gender confusion).

  19. Default

    Well, doesn't the official canon have her described as the "Queen of the Elves"?
    That in itself would be enough to make Mercedes a female.

  20. Deluxe Refrigerator Male
    IGN: GlaciaIWolf
    Server: Broa
    Level: 146
    Job: Aran
    Guild: Forte
    Alliance: HighestLevel


    Canon says she's king.


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