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Thread: [MSEA] [v106] Mob Rebalancing

  1. Default [v106] Mob Rebalancing

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    Mob (Changed)

  2. Default

    needed on GMS.

    We need everything.

  3. Neon Atom Straight Male

    IGN: Huskey
    Server: KradiaEMS
    Level: 160
    Job: Aran
    Guild: UndiesPatrol
    Alliance: UndiesUnited


    So basically, they made every single boss monster 1.5x as strong as it was before? Naice. Should make the game a bit hard again.

    And Visitor weapon/shield data <3

  4. Default

    Most of the players(SEA) found it dumb to buff up the bosses since this was not done in either GMS or KMS.

  5. Default

    Well considering it's the second best source of exp in the game...they have no reason to complain. We do. T.T

  6. Neon Atom Straight Male

    IGN: Huskey
    Server: KradiaEMS
    Level: 160
    Job: Aran
    Guild: UndiesPatrol
    Alliance: UndiesUnited


    MapleSEA official site, patch notes (

    Boss Monster Re-Balance will not take effect during Mechanic patch and delay until further notice. Thank you.


    EDIT: Wow, they just found one of the best anti-bot things ever, especially the 2nd line here:

    • Sales of Lie Detector Test will be available from most potion stores in major towns.
    • Mini-dungeons with monsters’ level 66 and above will only be available to characters with 30 fames or more to enter.

  7. Default

    Requiring 30 fame is not going to stop hackers, it's only going to raise the price of fame.

    Oh well, brb buying as much fame as possible before people realize the change

  8. Default

    This is ridiculous, I hated having to repot after every single attack even with HB. I seriously hope this never hits GMS.

  9. Default

    SEA removed Episode 1 Content and they're re-balancing the boss monsters... I hope they are coming back or something.

  10. Default

    I think it's really sad that the only way of increasing the difficulty of this game is by boosting the damage of monsters. Oh well, let's hope this never hits GMS...

  11. Default

    - mSea trying to gain more money out of forcing low HP players to mass HP wash? :/
    - mSEA trying to gain more CS No exp loss Charms sales? :/
    - mSea trying to gain more money out of the potential system (more HP / Wdef / damage)? :/

    This is a really amateurish way of making the game more difficult... all it does is annoys players, and make the game more expensive to play...

    This will kick away the free players who ensure the servers keep populated... bad move mSEA, bad move...

  12. Default

    thks for extracting this!

    though they later updated the patch notes to say the changes wont take place yet... tests in game show that they have been implemented

  13. Default

    The second line is ludicrously dumb to the max...
    The only Mini-Dungeon which the hackers would ever enter is Bye-Bye Station based on my memory but im not sure if they are still going there.
    Since they are quite rampant on normal maps now..

  14. Default

    That's not the totem from the jump quest, that's the one that Margana summons (or rather used to) in CWKPQ.

  15. Default

    Eh, I disagree.

    I would rather not return to the days of archers and thieves being one-shotted by bosses and certain mobs unless they're HP washed to hell and back.

  16. Default

    Exactly. Can't believe I'm addicted to a game designed by idiots sometimes.

  17. Default

    What's so good about Longest Ride on Bye Bye Station?

  18. Default

    I think small map and pretty quick spawn

  19. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
    IGN: Musiphe
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 277
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Epic
    Alliance: Fatal


    Dat PB + Statue damage! Holy pomegranate!

    Still calling it that MSEA's "Cygnus Empress" will be doing 50k+.


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