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  1. Default World of Warcraft players, come in!

    Since there is a yu-gi-oh thread, a dungeon figher thread, etc thread, i will start one about WoW.

    This thread is for WoW players, to show us your achievements, your armory, boss strategy, UI tips, anything you think its worth showing.

    I will start with my last hardest personal achievement I got: wrecking ball @ lvl 85.


    -waiting for terry to come here and post something about heroics-

    post about class balance:


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    >>Wrecking Ball
    >Ret Paladin

    Besides, it's all about "The Insane" pre-cata!

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    I was expecting something else from this thread. I was also expecting more posts.
    I just started playing wow this week and loved it! I still don't know how most things work but it's so fun to discover simple things and be like "OHHHHHHHH".
    Is there a server southperrians play the most? I wouldn't mind starting over just to have some friends in there :)

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    I think there is a group of maplers from windia that play together, ummm kandatan(sp?) i think he is part of it. But yea i think people here should be able to answer any questions you have, so ask away :).

    I'm not currently playing, lol broke :(, but starting a new job next week, so i might get some more time and start again after the patch.

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    Pretty much everyone on SP plays on a different server. KaidaTan and his friends are on Nathrezim (Horde). My main is on Kil'jaeden (Horde) and I'm starting a character on Eonar (Alliance) with a friend Never mind, we're both on KJ now.

    I only started raiding a couple of weeks ago and this is all I have to be proud of right now...gotta down Nefarian next week before 4.2 comes out :/
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    I'm a noob :3


    I'm having so much fun doing quests! So happy that quests are actually worth it.
    I have 3 questions though...

    I found out how to get an extra action bar but I can't find out how to set keys so that I don't have to click. I tried google earlier but I can't understand much...
    I tried playing a Mage, had lots of fun but I died so much I ended up quitting it. I saw someone in guild saying mages could tank... or that they don't die that muchbut I don't get how :(
    How do I choose professions? Like what benefits a druid the most? I chose herbalism and alchemy because it gives me free pots but I have no clue if it was the right choise.

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    If you go into the menu, keybindings is one of the options, that what you want. Each action bar has a different number.

    I have no clue how mages can tank, i do know that frost mages have a few defensive moves though.

    As far as professions, herb and alch are good choices. Without going into a ton of detail, druids are really good at herbalism, because once you can use flightform, you can just fly from herb to herb, no need to dismount like other classes, saves a lot of time. Alchemy is also a good choice, works well for any class and spec and can make money at 85. If you get really serious about raiding or pvp, you would want to drop herbalism, but dont worry about that now.

    Druids are a great first character, jack of all trades and really good at them all too.

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    i was trying to do that "the insane" achieve, but they buffed the guards now... they have 4xxk HP and do 30k dmg each hit, now you need a good party to actualy make any reputation....

    well its kinda funny read the blizzard forum, and see almost every single paladin qqing about how we are so weak, but after you learn to play the class, they can be very strong.

    This was like 3 weeks ago, dont mind my arena rating, we just started doing it and I don't think a 2ret team is a good team lol


    ^point at 0 healing.
    idk why blizzard thought people spammed WoG, for me, TV>WoG, I only use WoG on emergency, or if i have a proc while i have zealotry active.


    @dusk, the guild im in, they are @ 4/13 on heroics i think, im in the G2 of the guild, so we are just casual raiders, 2/4 on BoT, 4/6 on Bwd, and never did throne of the four winds.

    @ words, if you want, i can pm you my real ID, and I can add you to friend list, it work through servers :P
    oh and mages cant tank, the only classes that can tank are blood DK, prot paladin, prot warrior and feral druid on bear form.

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    My greatest achievement

    My other greatest achievement

    I'm in the video at around 50 seconds after he puts up his name

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    @ drrusty.

    does censure cancel stealth? im pretty sure it doesnt... because when i fight rogues, when they are below 50% HP, they always stealth but how the skill description says, if the rogue have a DoT stealth wont work, but they just go stealth mode and run or stay like that for a long time, even tho they have 5 stack of censure from my seal of truth....

    btw I hate rogues.

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    i know that, but 3min CD with a 3sec stealth, this rogue on arena went on stealth mode at least 3 times in less than 1min, and censure didnt break it

    oh nvm i got it, he probably used preparation after the first vanish to reset vanish's CD, and since i was disarmed he just blowed his CD on me :(.

  12. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Gear 2nd Pirate
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NARs


    Wow, nice! How did that match go with him, if you remembered?

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    OH SNAP. IF I WASN't on my iPad I'd be smoking you all right now.

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    dont have many pictures but

    i solo'd her to 50%, friend came along for the second half when a few alliance started to try and kill me, so we killed them each a few times also.

    edit: actually looking at recount, i guess he came to help before 50%

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    Normal mode raids are serious business!

    IIRC, it's already been done before, not against Tyrande. A Prot Pally did a 100% solo of Varian.
    Glad to see they're still OP as ever lol

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    Yea didn't think i was the first or anything like that, but also i have the idea you didnt notice this was at lvl 80 almost a year ago. unless you havent played recently either, explaining the last sentence.

  17. Default

    Oh, I didn't even see you were level 80 LOL
    I thought you did it at level 85.

  18. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Gear 2nd Pirate
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NARs


    Blood DKs the new master race tanks. The can solo EVERYthing that doesnt require a minimum of two people to succeed (like Twin Emperors from AQ40).

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    But they've already been able to do that since ToC / ICC times D:
    Raegwyn and Mionelol being prime examples.



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