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  1. Default [Adventurers] Cannon Shooter


    Lucky Dice and Double Dice results

    Cannon Shooter (I)
    Cannon Shooter (II)
    Cannon Shooter (III)
    Cannon Shooter (IV)
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  2. Default

    Gonna attempt to translate names and effects, and update this post.

    Cannon Shooter (I)

    Cannon Shooter (II)

    Cannon Shooter (III)

    Cannon Shooter (IV)
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    Default, this is the skills for the coming adventurer pirate...interesting.

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    Care to not pineappleing do that so I don't have to load those every time I refresh this page?

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    Whale ship overlord is here to take over all your bases.

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    Holy crap... 3rd job Cannon Shooter is plain INSANE.

    Monkey Power Bomb is... just like Soul Driver, with a chance to stun, plus passive increase to Monkey Rush Bomb... though honestly I'm not too sure how MRB works.

    Monkey Wave is plain sick. 1000% damage at max charge and a 100% crit rate??? This is more OP than Dark Lightning :P Plus delay of *edit* 600ms *edit* only. Not forgetting 95% stun rate, and a range of... wtp? 500% at 3rd job? This is just like Mechanic when we first saw it.

    Magnetic Anchor looks hack-able (I mean it... it looks like hacks on this skill will pop up), because it just looks sick. 500% damage every second + pull...

    Buster Canon and Canon Bazooka (erps... the name...) are just like Battleship Canon and Battleship Torpedo... except Canon is really short range compared to Bazooka.

    Wait this class has too many damage buffs... Imma relook at them again.


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    Maybe we should find out the cannon damage multiplier before we jump to conclusions

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    You guys have to remember the firing speed of their weapons, they might not be as OP as they first appear.

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    If this is another gaiden class, chances are it will be overpowered since it'll more than likely be released on special events in KMS compared to GMS. Just look at Dual Blade. It's already crazy overpowered, but the fact that Kataras get weapon potential too makes Dual Blade completely broken.

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    Def starting to look like Mechanic V2 - slow mo possibly...

    Looks at Battleship Nautilis AoE
    -> Dark Fog AGAIN? looks good for a Doomsday concept AoE however..

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    I kind of want to see this class in action.
    Odds are they'll nerf down some of the skills, but still, this is an interesting development.

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    I knew I made a DW to make a UA from some reason jsut never could figure out why. now i have a reason. for when this thing comes out. do you know what Stats be needed. I assume same as mech str for equips and dex all the way for dmg.

  13. Default

    ^This guy seems to be STR based... looking at his weapons.

    @Joe: Wouldn't "Cannon Punch" sound more like an attack name...? Same for "Cannon Buildup". Anyway Fiel's translated the names for the spells.

    Boom... Bomb... whatever.

    And here's my coverup for all the buffs for this guy.


    Stance - What's going on?

    So... at a decent 4th job level he has 20+30 = 50WA passive boost (space for Apple), +40% damage passive boost, has a summon that attacks twice (it's a twin), a (couple of?) mob movement skills especially Anchor that does DoT (effectively) and pulls 350% range left and right and 20% ignoremobPDR (kinda like many other jobs). Also has counterattack (meh, like the other pirate Explorers) and does (random) status effects per hit (as if some of the skills don't already have stuns and other effects). All before MW and Double Lucky Dice. Anything else that we can throw in for this guy/girl?

    Catch is, his attack speed is pretty slow, though most of his spells have built in delays. Strongest 1v1 spell is Cannon Buster which does 1280% raw DPS per mob (or 3840% to 3 mobs), while strongest mobbing spell is Cannon Bazooka which does 5416.7% raw DPS to 6 mobs (902.7% per mob). Comparisions anyone? Looks like a souped-up Corsair to me.

    *edit* Corrected mistake on Hyper Monkey Magic *edit*

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    This job uses guns?

  15. Default

    Nope, it uses an entirely new weapon type, Cannons.
    Check the extraction in the extractions forum.

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    What is up with all the monkey skills? Is this legend going to be a monkey pirate? That would be sweet by the way.

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    Their weapons also have kickass names. Timeless Salvation FTW.

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    I'm just not seeing the dps for this class.. To me it looks like its better than a buccaneer but lower than a corsair..

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    Who cares about OP it's game only game you guys should gain pleasure from it not frustration about OP class. if you want op in game just choose this character. I like it so much and for me it's the best road of pirate.


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