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Thread: Movement Speed

  1. Default Movement Speed

    Distance traveled divided by the amount of time taken.

    I have taken the liberty of measuring the speeds of most movement skills. Excluded are ones that require monsters for obvious reasons.

    All speeds are measured at the bottom of FM7, chosen as a simple flat plane where no angular launch can be considered, and friction is constant.

    The time taken was measured from the first movement, and stopped at the last horizontal movement; what this usually means is the timer starts when the character first moves, whether that be the skill launching them forward, or them needing to jump straight up to begin. The timer is stopped when the character collides with the wall at the end.

    All times are measured through FRAPS at 90 frames per second, taking usually two test runs and comparing with previous tests. There is an error margin of about 2%, from previous experience. There will be no videos posted unless highly demanded.

    Units of Measurement:
    As a standardized method of measurement, we will use the character speed displayed in the status screen. 100% signifies 100% speed, base speed. It is in fact true that 120% speed is 1.2x faster than 100% speed, and 140% speed is 1.4x faster than 100% speed, with a very small margin of error.

    This table contains speeds adjusted for the new 150px/s speed after the Jump! patch. Any skills requiring (excessive) walking to influence it were removed from the table or striked. Testing is required to update these skills and conditions. The only movement skills missing now are Gigantic Backstep from Cannon Shooters I believe.
    Results (Post-Jump/Legend):
    Phantom Shroud: 950% (1.20s)
    Monkey Push + Momentum Cannon Jump: ~500% (2.30s)
    Magical Shift/Sudden Propel: 485% (2.36s)
    Monkey Push: 461% (2.48s)
    Swift Phantom (Haste): 416% (2.75s)
    Double Leap (Air Lift): 409% (2.80s)
    Elemental Shift: 381% (3.00s)
    Wind Walk: 381% (3.00s)
    Instant Acrobatic/Flash Jump: 352% (3.25s)
    Instant Soul Jump: 347% (3.3s)
    Ascend + Thunder (Boostered): 317% (3.61s)
    Demon Jump/Glide: 305% (3.75s)
    Wave + Shark Tooth (Boostered): 305% (3.75s)
    Maximum Acrobatic/Flash Jump: 295% (~4.00s)
    Exceed: Demon Strike: 272% (4.20s)
    Momentum Mechanic Dash: 270% (4.24s)
    Teleport: N/A N/A
    Momentum Combat Step: 262% (4.37s)
    Wave + Shark Tooth: 244% (4.68s)
    Instant Jag Jump: 224% (5.11s)
    Instant Double Jump: 219% (5.22s)
    Soul Runner: N/A N/A
    Maximum Jag Jump: 202% (5.67s)
    Recoil Shot + Float: 197% (5.81s)
    Walking Combat Step (115%): 195% (5.85s)
    160% Speed: 160% (7.15s)
    140% Speed: 140% (8.17s)
    120% Speed: 120% (9.53s)
    100% Speed: 100% (11.44s)

    Results (Pre-Jump):
    Instant Acrobatic/Flash Jump: 422% (3.25s)
    Demon Jump/Glide: 365% (3.75s)
    Maximum Acrobatic/Flash Jump: 343% (~4.00s)
    Momentum Mechanic Dash: 323% (4.24s)
    Teleport: ~300%* (4.45s)*
    Momentum Combat Step: 292% (4.69s)
    3rd Job Instant Jag Jump: 268% (5.11s)
    Instant Double Jump: 262% (5.22s)
    Soul Runner: 245% (5.6s)
    2nd Job Maximum Jag Jump: 242% (5.67s)
    Recoil Shot + Float: 236% (5.81s)
    Walking Mechanic Dash: 189% (7.24s)
    Walking Combat Step (140%): 189% (7.26s)
    Walking Combat Step: 170% (8.07s)
    160% Speed: 160% (8.56s)
    140% Speed: 138% (9.93s)
    120% Speed: 120% (11.37s)
    100% Speed: 100% (13.70s)

    *Teleport is an adjusted value to account for the variability of walking distance, plus the nature of the constant distance it moves a character.
    For some reason, 140% speed kept measuring to be 138% speed. I do not know why.

    Jag Jump:

    Combat Step:

    Mechanic Dash:

    Flash Jump:


    Recoil Shot + Wings:

    Soul Runner:

    Double Jump:

    Acrobatic Jump:

    Demon Double Jump/Glide:

    Magical Shift & Sudden Propel:

    Elemental Shift + Thunder Breaker

    What I Didn't Test:

    If there is anything I missed or any questions let me know.
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  2. Default

    Can you test rush on a map like himes?

    Otherwise awesome job.

  3. Default

    (Rush Range + (Rush Spam Delay - Rush Delay) * 125 * Speed)/(125 * Rush Spam Delay) ?

    Best guess I can give. Testing on a new map like Himes would require me to measure the map's distance and then accurately move from one side to the other smoothly while doing Rush. Doesn't sound like fun.

  4. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Gear 2nd Pirate
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NARs


    Is the Mech version of Combat Step essentially the exact same thing as Combat Step in terms of distance traveled?

  5. Default

    100% speed = exactly 125.0 pixels/sec

    It's shown in Map/Physics.img

  6. Default

    Are you using Flash Jump from the top of the arc or right when you jump? It can only fire when you're traveling upwards, but that might affect how far you get with it.

  7. Default

    Where is this skill? I don't see it in the book.

    I figured it was that.

    The fastest Flash Jump uses it immediately after jumping. Maximum Flash Jump is an attempt at the top of the jump arc.

  8. Default

    It appears in the beginner book at level 1 when you advance to 1st job Mechanic.

  9. Default

    No wonder I don't see it on Tespia. Tespia is bullpomegranate by the way. I had to get to 180 to learn Recoil Shot.

    Yeah, Mechanic Dash is pretty overpowered. It's basically long short form of Arans can suck my drill.

  10. Default

    Perhaps its only BaMs, but somehow I seem to notice faster teleports when I use staff booster when I already have an elemental staff on. I'm not sure if this applies to regular mages too with the skill booster and/or SI to boot. This is mostly the case whenever I try to teleport up for extra damage especially when stuck in Twister Spin. I'd like to see extra confirmation though, I don't know if server distance has anything to do with this like the old "I can ks you with Genesis easily because you live in east coast and I live in west coast next to the server" debate. This doesn't include yellow aura for though, but the speed boosts would change some things for testing.

  11. Neon Atom Straight Male

    IGN: Huskey
    Server: KradiaEMS
    Level: 160
    Job: Aran
    Guild: UndiesPatrol
    Alliance: UndiesUnited


    I assume you did all FJ/teleport/dash skill tests with 100% speed.

    How can one calculate the speed % if one has 120/140% speed and then uses FJ/teleport/dash? It would seem to me that FJ/dash get more speed than teleport, as teleport is a set distance, while FJ/dash are dependable on the speed.

    Any idea on how you could test this? I would like to see how fast 140% speed with dash is for arans, but that's just me.

  12. Default

    nvm, I need to lern2rd

  13. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Gear 2nd Pirate
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NARs


    Wait, so is it actually better/faster than Combat Step?

  14. Default

    No. Weapon speed does not affect Teleport.

    Flash Jump was tested with 100/100 and 140/120, and the difference for Instant Flash Jump was practically non-existant. Jag Jump was tested with 160/100 and 180/100 for obvious reasons. I could not test 210/100 because you did not get skill books in Tespia, but there was very little difference between 160/100 and 180/100 to begin with, I would expect the difference to be less than 10% speed overall. Every other skill was tested with 100/100 because those classes do not get any speed bonuses. I can check 140/120 or 140/123 with an Aran eventually, but speed does not affect Momentum Combat Step at all, only walking Combat Step.

    For Teleport, the actual testing becomes difficult because of the set number of Teleports that can be done on a flat map. Depending on the level and amount of speed you have, it varies when you hit the wall with the last Teleport so some error has to be accounted for. For example, I believe with maxed Teleport on a Magician, you will need to walk for the last whole second or something because the wall becomes too close for you to Teleport the final distance.



  15. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Gear 2nd Pirate
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NARs


    LOL. Mech getting for free a 15 SP Aran skill that's also better than their own. I really feel sorry for Arans now.

  16. Default

    Whatevs bro.

  17. Neon Atom Straight Male

    IGN: Huskey
    Server: KradiaEMS
    Level: 160
    Job: Aran
    Guild: UndiesPatrol
    Alliance: UndiesUnited


    For what I've experienced on my aran is that Momentum Combat Step is quite a bit faster with 140% speed than with 100% speed or something. I'll go test it a bit later today. Jump is a killer for Momentum Combat Step for what I know. I'm trying to get 140/100 or 140/105 on my own aran just to Momentum Combat Step faster. Would be a bugger if it doesn't work at all.

    EDIT: Okay, odd. My Momentum Combat Step with 100/100 is around 1 second slower then your results, but my 100/100 walking is exactly the same. I blame lag or some change in Combat Step in KMS, as this is tested on EMS.
    My results (only Momentum Combat Step):
    100/100: 5.77s
    135/105: 5.74s
    130/100: 5.62s

    Yea... It seems that speed is indeed extremely unimportant for Momentum Combat Step =/

  18. Default

    Yeah, I just did a double check for speed and it doesn't affect it. Lag does hurt it severely though, as any small delay increases the time between landing and jumping. I measured Walking Combat Step with 140% speed though and it's a few milliseconds slower than Walking Mechanic Dash with 100% speed.

  19. Neon Atom Straight Male

    IGN: Huskey
    Server: KradiaEMS
    Level: 160
    Job: Aran
    Guild: UndiesPatrol
    Alliance: UndiesUnited


    Ah, too bad. Thanks for checking. I know lag kills it, but my computer isn't all that good, and BandiCam gives me quite some lag. Dang, Mechs are too fast =S



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