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  1. Default [1.2.382] Archer Skill Changes

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    Reminder: Just start highlighting things if you want to see the equations used to create the variables.

    (PvE) Skill Changes

    PQ Changes

    Piercing Changes

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    Sorry, I'm going to attempt to piece together the broken English from the other thread, and I'm not very good at reading these:

    Did they add an elemental resistance to Spirit Link?

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    Believe so, Status Resistance last I checked was asrR whereas Elemental is terR. That means 15% Elemental Resistance.

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    Peircing Arrow hitting twice is pretty awesome and logical.
    Once when entering the mob and then once upon exiting.

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    1) Expected nerf to bowmasters. -40% damage on AFA, but a total of 850 arrows now? 183,500% now vs 185,000% before. Honestly, not as much of a nerf as i was expecting.
    2) What is the terR variable added to spirit link? Edit: Elemental resistance to fire for BMs and ice for MMs? Makes sense, not sure how much it will help though. Empresses strongest attack iirc is her fire birds, so i guess it'll come in handy there at least.
    3) What's the point of making snipe 2 hits if it can break the damage cap? Still, that's a REALLY nice buff to pierce. Doesn't change the issues joetang expressed last thread though.

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    I'm not sure if I like the piercing changes:

    (1) DPulse and Piercing lose their synergy somewhat
    (2) Piercing gains more damage the more mobs it pierces. Reducing the number of mobs reduces the amount of damage dealt. So this is an indirect nerf.

    However, it also means that Piercing won't be smacking against the damage ceiling all the time. That's at least one positive here.

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    To be fair making it hit 8 mobs was kind of unnecessary since pulse can only mob 6. 8 mobs seems kind of rare to me.

    Also, can it not still break the damage cap?

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    There better not be level caps on PQS I will be some pissed off

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    Kenta in danger and prison break (new PQs) are 120-200. The third is till level 69. The rest are pretty much available within a certain job advancement (OPQ is 70-119 for example), while the better PQs are now for 4th job (Rex PQ is 120-200, thank god)

    Needless to say it will be significantly harder to get the PQ medal after this change. Better do that now.

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    You didn't understand. These are RECOMMENDED levels. All PQ's are still available until 200.

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    That's good then, i can still get the items for personality stats when this comes out.

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    I'm not so sure its even a nerf. Those extra 50 arrows mean another 32.5 crits with SE (37.5 with a 10% crit ring), meaning 32.5 arrows do 220*1.5 rather than just 220. So its 220*0.5*32.5 = 3575% extra DPM.

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    Because Nexon has no idea what they're doing regarding these "balance" changes.

    I seriously wonder if they think this will change anything by making the skill cost 20 MP more. =_=

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    Hello. I see skill nerf "concentration" in test server client patch.

    Can I see detail figure?

    I Can't look detail figure in this post.

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    I did not see any changes to Concentration in the data. The patch notes lied.

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    In test server, Skill "Concentration" has nerf.

    I get this information in Korean community.

    Atk 25 -> 20
    MP consumption -20% -> -25%

    Check plz...

    And thanks for Korean reply. ^^

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    Going off the map data in the previous extraction thread, this Prison Break is a PQ that seems to be associated with LHC. Notice how that knight during Ani runs always mentions something about Ani being a Prison Guard and that there are villagers locked up in deeper areas. Perhaps now we'll actually free the villagers ourselves.

    Hm, not as much of a nerf as I expected...



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